Bradley Martyn Net Worth & Sources of Income

bradley martyn net worth

Bradley Martyn net worth: In the age of social media stars and influencers, everybody is chasing fame or doing something for their benefit. But there are people out there who try to help people through their content. Bradley Martyn is one such person.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must have already heard of Bradley. He is a fitness guru who talks about his fitness journey on social media and also helps other people achieve their fitness goals. Bradley has attained quite a bit of fame online because of his determined character. He is really dedicated to having a fit lifestyle and is equally dedicated to helping others do it too.

If you are interested in knowing more about this social media personality, we suggest you keep reading. We are here to tell you about Bradley Martyn’s age, Bradley Martyn’s family, Bradley Martyn’s career, and Bradley Martyn net worth.

bradley martyn net worth

Bradley Martyn Age

The American YouTuber and fitness guru were born in California in 1989, on May 22nd. That makes his thirty-three years of age as of 2022.

Bradley Martyn Family

Bradley Martyn has kept quiet about his family. Perhaps being under the spotlight, he doesn’t wish to disclose much about his personal life. There is no information available on his parents, possible siblings, or even romantic partners. He is so private about his life that even information about his education is not revealed yet.

Speaking of his family, it is known that Bradley Martyn lost his father at the young age of six. That had really affected his life and mental health. He, unfortunately, had to grow up without fatherly love. Reportedly, he had a troubled childhood at home after losing a parent. But we do hope that he has a better family life now.

Bradley Martyn Career

Bradley Martyn net worth mostly comes from his YouTube, but he has had a pretty interesting career. Since he is mostly known for his fitness regime and fitness goals, let’s start with that. Bradley started working out at the gym at fifteen. His passion for having a fit body started at a young age and is still the same, if not more. After he felt that he had trained well enough for competitions, he competed in 2011’s NPC Southern California Championships and won. This was only the beginning, as after this win, he went on to compete in NPC USA Championships both in 2011 and 2012. He came first in 2011 one and came 10th in the 2012 one. He also went on to compete at the NPC Phil Health Classic on 2012 and came first. This was followed by him coming eighth in NPC USA Championships 2013.

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Bradley Earnings

He has worked very hard to get where he is today. And now, he has his own YouTube channel by his name, where he posts daily vlogs and fitness tips. He not only gives people suggestions on how to work out but also tells them what supplements to take and what food to include in their diet. Bradley is a man of experience and thus his followers greatly support and appreciate what he does. On YouTube, Bradley Martyn has over three million subscribers. He posts similar content on his Instagram @bradleymartyn where he has over four million followers.

Bradley Martyn net worth also comes from the companies he founded and runs. Yes, he is an entrepreneur too. In 2012, Bradley founded Alphacr8ativedesigns. Next, in 2017, Martyn opened Zoo Culture Gym. And this isn’t the end. He also has a company called BMFit Gear that makes gym gear and apparel. And lastly, he has his own supplements firm too, Origin Supplements.

Bradley Martyn’s net worth is also built by his profession as a trainer. Yes, the man not only has a gym but is also a trainer himself. He even posts videos of him training people ad helping them achieve their goals.

Social media is not the only media where he has been seen. Bradley had also made television appearances. Not many people know of this, but Bradley has had appearances on “Boo! A Madea Halloween”. He also appeared in the second part of the movie. Among television series, he has been seen on “Caught”.

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Bradley has really made it as a fitness guru, social media personality, and content creator. His reels on Instagram are all very entertaining, and he follows trends very well. His YouTube videos or the interviews he does are interactive as well. Bradley has an energetic vibe about him that make all his videos and posts very entertaining and fun to watch. He might have started just as a fitness enthusiast at fifteen, but at thirty-three, he has really achieved some pretty amazing goals and is still going at it.

bradley martyn net worth

Bradley Martyn Net Worth

Bradley’s net worth mainly comes from his YouTube and Instagram. A large part of it also comes from the companies he runs and his gym. He has really worked smart and made sure he has multiple income sources. And thus, Bradley Martyn net worth will be as high as $2 million in 2022. He is only in his thirties, and he has a long way to go, and his net worth is only going to increase. Bradley is doing this on social media, and his flower count speaks for itself.

Final Thoughts

Bradley Martyn is such a social media personality who works hard and is smart. He helps people with his videos and motivates them. In real life, he is a trainer, and online, he motivates people through his videos and words. If you liked reading about him, check out his social media profiles and his content.

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