Promoting Kidney Health

Your Kidney Health

Many people regard the kidney as a urine processing point only. That is true but it is through the kidney that even your blood pressure is normal. The kidney is responsible for the production of stress hormones and it is also the one that clears out all the poisons that enter your body. The renal tubules are not well-functioning, it means renal filtration is impaired and this will lead to the buildup of wastes in your kidney. The mixing kratom and alcohol help to prevent your Kidney Health damage in alcoholics because kratom works to help the body eliminate some of the wastes besides its mental stimulation effect.

Keep Slip to Reduce Burden On your Kidney Health

One of the ways to ensure your kidneys don’t overwork is through slimming. When you are fat or obese, you will realize that the body is excreting a lot because of the large surface area. All wastes pass through the kidney and since the kidneys remain of the same size, your kidneys may be overburdened and eventually start to malfunction. When you start smoking kratom, the excess fats are broken down in your body and this makes you have only a lean body that doesn’t contain a lot of wastes.

Drink Plenty of Water

In a day, you are supposed to drink 2 liters of water which are 8 glasses of 250mls each. Water helps to dissolve the solutes in your blood making the kidneys have little dirt to filter from your blood. As a result, the kidneys end up having less work and they cannot easily get tired. This makes it possible for them to function even up to old age without failure. Lack of water also makes your kidneys shrink thereby reducing their filtration capability and making a lot of wastes to accumulate in your blood.

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Maintain Normal Levels of Blood Pressure

When your blood pressures are extremely high, there are two organs that are at risk. One is the brain because it can lead to rupture of blood vessels in your brain and the one organ is the kidney because the blood supply to the kidneys may reduce because of increased pressure. When the renal artery is compromised, it means an insufficient amount of blood will be reaching the kidney and that is what will lead to the downfall of the filtration efficiency. As a result, wastes and solutes will build up in your body.

Smoking and Drinking Are an Enemy of your Kidney Health

When you smoke weed or nicotine, the active substances remain in the blood. It will reach a point when the renal tubules and nephrons become stiff making the tubules filtration rate to reduce. Stiffening of renal tubules leads to increased renal pressure and this can lead to the rupture or blockage of the tubules. Drinking on the other hand exposes your Kidney Health to a lot of wastes to clear. If you continue drinking, you may start to burden your kidney nephrons and they might start failing. If you want to drink, make sure you do it optimally so that it doesn’t affect your kidneys.


Kidney health is worth investing in. Living with a malfunctioning kidney is really bothersome and when it starts to fail, you will require dialysis or an artificial external kidney. This is not only expensive but also emotional and physically traumatizing because of the nature of its working mechanism. When dialysis fails, you will need to have a kidney transplant done on you and this is also very expensive. Why should wait until it reaches these levels, you can just practice the above ways and you will be able to have and maintain good kidney health.