Get a pleasurable Outlook Fax experience from CocoFax

Outlook Fax experience

To some of the people, fax might appear as an old tradition as it originated a long while ago. But their thoughts will definitely alter once they become aware of its value and the upper hand it holds when compared to other communication platforms.

Then there are that kinds of people who honor the fax’s valuable status but keep off from using it due to all the trouble and inconvenience of having to spend on big fax machines required for faxing.

But those were the old times which have gone now. Today is the era of the internet and technology. Sending and receiving a fax from pc has been made much more accessible in recent days.
Fax has been given a makeover. Many new ways to send fax have been invented. But for the time being, we will talk only about sending and receiving faxes from outlook.

How is Outlook Fax possible?

Of many other newly invented ways, one is to send a fax from outlook. Even though it might appear as an unrealizable thing to fax from outlook, but with the world progressing every second, it has been made a duck soup. The faxing world has entered a new and advanced era.

You cannot resist or ignore the wallet savings. When compared to the cost and expense of faxing using fax machines, toner, telephonic lines and paper, the cost of faxing from outlook is nothing. Faxing from outlook is much less costly and pricey.

But the question of how might be appearing in your mind. You are absolutely right in your place. How is it possible for outlook, which operates digitally, and fax, which operates through analog signals, to work together?  Let us explain the answer.

Faxing from outlook could not have been possible without any go-between service. Just like two people speaking different languages need a translator to understand what the other person is saying, fax and outlook also need an intermediary to make working possible between each other.

CocoFax – Introducing a Whole New Faxing Era


CocoFax has taken outlook fax to a whole new tier of quality and easiness. It is a name of quality in the faxing world. With millions of customers, CocoFax stands at a level no other fax service can stand. From providing upper-class services to satisfying customers all around, CocoFax contains more than what a fax service needs to have.

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The recognition and praise that CocoFax has gotten from PCMag, CNET and Android Authority speaks on its own and is enough to convince anyone of CocoFax’s outstanding features.

CocoFax allows its customers to fax without the use of any fax machines. You can now fax from any device you like be it computers, laptops, MacBooks, tablets or handsets. Furthermore, there are numerous ways to fax through each device. For the time being, we will stick to outlook fax and its pre-requisites and process.

Pre-requisites for Outlook Fax

Outlook fax does not have any complicated requirements. You just need to have a few things in order before you start using CocoFax for outlook fax.

  1.       CocoFax account – you can get one free from CocoFax website
  2.       Outlook account – it is necessary to fax through outlook
  3.       Fax number – a must-have for sending and receiving faxes
  4.     Internet-connected device – the device which will be used for faxing must be connected to the internet.

When you have all these things out and ready, then you are just one step away from faxing through outlook. Read the step-by-step guide below to gain full knowledge.

Stepwise Guide for Outlook Fax

Step 1: Using CocoFax’s wonderful services and features requires a CocoFax account. If you have not yet registered yourself, do it now. Try CocoFax for free. Signing up on CocoFax is a costless process, it costs nothing to create an account on CocoFax.

If you sign-up using the 30 day free trial offered by CocoFax, then you can also profit from the free fax number service available at CocoFax. Yes, now you do not have to pay for getting a fax number. Also, this free fax number is self-made. This means that you can choose a fax number for yourself.


But, this fax number is not permanently free. At the end of the trial month, you have to pick a subscription plan to make the fax number permanent and use it for a lifetime.

Also, you need to associate the outlook account, with which you will be sending and receiving your faxes, with your CocoFax account

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Step 2: After creating an account, you need to go to your outlook account through the Outlook app on your device. Compose a new email there. Then fill in all the required details.

In the mandatory ‘To’ field, write out the fax address of the person that is supposed to receive your fax. Fax address is a fax number added with ‘’ at the end. Then, write in the ‘Subject’ field. This field is optional but you can write something here that you want to have at the top of your faxing document.

Last but not the least, the email body. The email body is just like the cover page. What you write here will appear at the cover or first page of your faxing document. Attach the document that needs to be faxed to the email. Doc, png, docx, xlsx, jpg, xls, and pdf are the file formats supported by CocoFax.

Now CocoFax will perform its task by converting your mail into a fax and then sending it to the fax number entered by you. You will also get a notification email informing you about the fax delivery status.


Receiving Faxes through Outlook

Now that we know all about sending faxes from Outlook, let us have a look at the receiving process. In receiving fax through Outlook, all the work is done by CocoFax.

CocoFax receives all the faxes that are sent to you. It converts faxes into emails and then sends them onto your outlook account that you have registered with your CocoFax account. This way, you receive all the faxes on your outlook account address.

It is just like you receive your normal outlook mails. There is no separate process for receiving faxes. It is as simple as that. You can access all the faxes sent to your fax number from your outlook inbox, where all your other outlook emails reside.


As you can see that CocoFax has made it a lot easier to fax from Outlook. Hence you should use no other app than CocoFax to get the most pleasurable experience.