How to Keep Your IT System Hack-Proof

IT System Hack-Proof

Hacking has become more common than ever. Today, it’s become a fashion. Some do it for fun and some do it to blackmail people. It’s no longer just limited to businesses. Even individuals get hacked and have to pay a ransom to get access to their personal data. Many hackers steal personal photos of celebrities and then blackmail them. They are powerful and they are everywhere. However, they are not God. They have limitations and they can’t do anything until you give them a weak point. Here are a few tips to cover any IT system vulnerability and keep your IT System hack-proof. 

Get a Security Audit

You have to test your setup from the eyes of a professional hacker. There are types of IT professionals called ethical hackers who are just as skilled as other exploiters, but they use their skills for the better good. They offer a compromise assessment to see if there are any vulnerabilities in your IT system. They will try various testing methods to ensure there is no leak or weakness that exploiters can use to hack into the system. After the testing, they will provide you with a detailed audit report about the issues and how you can improve them. They will even improve all those issues for you and make it safer than ever. 

Hire Only Trusted People

Many hacking attempts take place from the inside. They have access to many parts of the system which gives them more power. Even if they don’t do it themselves, they can help someone else by sharing information or providing their credentials. 

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That’s why it’s important you always do an extensive background check, have them sign NDAs, and make sure that you trust them. In many cases, inside employees were found to have misused their authorities to get confidential information. Furthermore, you should limit the access of each employee to ensure they can’t do anything other than their jobs with the provided rights. 

Invest in a Good Antivirus

A good antivirus system offers great help. Big antivirus companies may charge a lot but they are worth the cost. They keep updating their program according to the latest information and viruses. They have researchers that keep an eye on all the latest viruses of all types and study them to create their antivirus, which is added as an update to their existing system. A good antivirus can save you from 99% of all viruses and hacking attempts. 

Keep Changing and Use Complex Passwords

The easiest way hackers can get access to your system is through your password. Cracking an entire system is time-consuming and difficult. So they will try to trick you into getting your password. Before that, they will try to guess your password or use a tool to try multiple variants. 

This is why it’s important you use complex passwords that are long and contain numbers and special characters in addition to alphabets. Try to avoid the use of complete words that can be easily spelled. They can guess the entire word if they can get the first two alphabets right. Furthermore, keep changing the password every week or month and memorize it instead of writing somewhere. 

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Backup the Entire System

Even with all protection, there is never 100% protection. Even the CIA and NASA get hacked. That’s why you should always keep a backup of your system. If push comes to shove, you can erase the entire system and restore it from the backup. Create an automatic backup plan that stores the entire system in another secure location every day. There are many tools and services that offer data backup programs.