How to Reduce Wind Noise from Roof Racks

If you’re an avid road tripper or outdoor enthusiast, you know how important a roof-mounted cargo carrier can be for carrying extra gear. However, one major downside of using a roof rack is the wind noise it can generate. Luckily, there are several simple things you can do to minimize the noise and make your drive much more enjoyable.

Here are some tips, based on my own personal experience, product testing, and customer feedback, for reducing wind noise from roof racks:

  1. Double-check that all screws and bolts are properly tightened. Loose or missing hardware can cause rattling and vibration, which can increase wind noise.
  2. Place heavier items in the middle of the roof rack, rather than on the edges. This can help distribute the weight evenly and reduce wind resistance.
  3. Install a Yakima wind deflector to redirect airflow over the roof rack. This can significantly reduce wind noise, especially at higher speeds.

    4.Replace the rubber strip that came with your roof rack with a thicker one. This can help create a tighter seal between the roof rack and the roof of your vehicle, reducing wind noise.

5.Add insulation material to the underside of the roof rack to reduce vibration. This can be as simple as applying foam weather-stripping tape or using a rubber mat.

6.Install some cheap pipe insulation from a hardware store like Lowe’s. This can help block up to 80% of the whistling noise caused by wind passing over the roof rack.

7.Add an EVA pad at the installation position. EVA foam is recommended to have a thickness of 3mm to 5mm. This can help absorb vibration and reduce noise.

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8.Wrap a piece of foam tubing around the bottom edge of the shelf. This can help prevent wind from getting underneath the shelf and causing noise.

One brand that specializes in producing high-quality roof racks is Hooke Road. Their product line includes front&rear bumper, roof&bed rack, and other accessories designed to Truck&Jeep.

Give these tips a try and let us know how they work for you! Do you have any other suggestions for reducing wind noise from roof racks? Share them in the comments section below. With a little bit of effort, you can enjoy a quieter and more comfortable ride on your next adventure.