Education Technology will never meet its limits

Technological Shifts

Everything available to the reach of mankind is associated with disadvantages –regardless of the level of advantages they may be identified with. Same can be said of education even though the disadvantages associated with the term may ideally be few. Great writers, scholars and educationists have in the past identified education to be “the key to success” – a notable phrase that was expressed many years ago when the level of innovation as observed in the stream of education currently had not existed. It can be agreed emphatically that with the level of innovation employed in education currently, an even better connotation could be employed to replace the phrase. Learning is not only centred in the classroom – in and out of the classroom, people engage in different learning activities and the betterment of these, have been made possible by the availability of advanced tech innovations. More importantly, tech innovations have helped streamlined learning activities from the era of theoretical studies to practical or experimental education. These advanced tech innovations are redefining and giving education a new phase. Indeed, technology will never meet its limits, and these new educational tools are the best proof.

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MOOCs (Massive open online courses)

The world is evolving and people are adapting to the trend of taking career tasks whiles pursuing their educational goals at the same time. This has always remained a major challenge to persons in such positions – but, the introduction of massive open online courses has eased the process and helped to cover the gap that existed between studies and working at the same time. Lots of educational institutions are currently offering massive open online courses – presenting individuals with the opportunity to work and study at the same time without having to visit the classroom.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is gradually gaining the recognition it deserves – with Microsoft, Apple and other high-end tech institutions spearheading the innovation. One major challenge that the artificial intelligence is trying to overcome is helpingto bridge the gap that exists between education and persons with special needs. Currently, artificial intelligence is employed in the stream of education to help automate learning activities such as, data accumulation and personalization, grading, providing automated feedback, acting as virtual facilitators, proctoring, etc. Presentation translator is one of the many AI tools helping shape learning activities in schools and beyond. Besides, it helps to translate Pro-Papers, helping students to master different topics.

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Biometric devices

The most highly recognized importance of biometric devices in education has been thought out by many to be the prevention of continuous cheating in examination and truancy. This said, the tech also serves as security tool to protect the position of students at schools and avoid probable kidnapping cases. Biosensors, including surveillance cameras and infrared are employed by tutors to monitor students’ engagement in class, as well as control their behaviour. Biometric tools are again employed by schools to collect and store students’ data. Biometric elements such as fingerprints, facial and voice recognitions are some of the available biometric methods that help schools to effectively monitor and control activities of students through the employment of biometric devices.

Social Media

Of yes, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook from his dormitory. When it comes to the benefits of social media and more importantly in this 21st Century, the educational stream has not been deprived of its importance. Social media is allowing students from different background and countries to share concepts, innovations, educational materials, organize quizzes and even meetings regardless of how far they are from each other.

Cloud Computing

Education has seen some improvements over the years through the introduction of various innovative tools that have been added to the stream but it even become better with cloud computing. Cloud computing is helping tutors and students appropriately store and retrieve lesson notes, audios, lecture videos and assignments with ease through cloud terminal from any location they find themselves. The technology further allows students to maintain communication with their tutors and colleagues from any location. There has been the problem of carrying tons of text books and pamphlets around by students and tutors whiles intangible excuses are often extended by students for refusing to work on their assignments – however, cloud computing is helping to erase all these problems.

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Big Data & Analytics

The classroom is meant to impact knowledge and thus once schools are committed with students, their upbringing and protection whiles they are within the jurisdiction of the school becomes the responsibility of tutors and management of the school.But how do schools perform these responsibilities? Big data and advanced analytics are helping tutors and management to perform these responsibilities with ease. The tech allows for easily monitoring of students’ activities whiles online, test scores, health indications, etc. Essentially, data collected through these innovations could be employed to continuously check the physical and mental strengths of students – helping institutions identify better ways of helping their students improve academically and mentally.

Virtual reality

One of the ways virtual reality is assisting the educational stream is presenting students with the opportunity to interact with a 3D world – which is ideally entertaining and gets students engaged. Over the years of its introduction, google has stood tall on the forefront of introducing the technology to assist experimental learning activities in schools. VR headset comes with a unique friendly interface, controls and embedded educational resources that allow students to explore various concepts without ideally leaving the classroom.


All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy. Gamification in education is considered by some section of the educational stream as irrelevant but it is important to acknowledge that gaming helps retain attention of students and stimulates their learning abilities. The innovation is employed to help students develop decision-making skills, problem solving skills and brainstorming abilities. In many cases, students may misuse the opportunity presented to them through this tech innovation. In schools where this is employed, appropriate guidelines and supervision must be extended to control its usage.