This five mobile phone gadgets that have been eliminated by the times?

Looking back at the lush years of mobile phones, from the advanced era of feature phones to the era of smartphones, mobile phones have played too many important roles in our daily lives. Both in terms of communication and games, we have brought us extremely important convenience. . In the era when mobile phones were popular, there were a lot of mobile phone accessories along with mobile phones. Many of them have been extended to this day. Let’s take a look at the mobile phone accessories that used to be popular. See which ones have you used?

Mobile phone memory card

Speaking of the phone memory card, I believe everyone should be familiar with it. From the early Noah era, the phone can be installed with a memory card. Its main purpose is to achieve storage and transfer of data. 

After all, in that era, it was not as developed as it is now. It can directly use the mobile phone data cable to realize the mutual transmission between the mobile phone and the computer, so it has to use other means to transmit and transfer data, and the mobile phone memory card came into being. . 

At that time, we often use the mobile phone memory card to connect to the computer, and then transfer the video data of the song and other related data to the mobile phone, so we don’t have to use our mobile phone traffic to download, and at that time, the traffic is only 5M, 5 yuan, download A few songs are not enough.

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Card reader

Above we talked about the phone memory card can be connected to the computer, in fact, it also needs to rely on the role of the card reader to achieve, with its help, we can use the computer to transmit the data we want. 

However, it should be noted that the quality is not very good, the card reader can not be inserted for too long, otherwise it will burn out, and the memory card is also, if the data transmitted is larger than the memory of the memory card itself, Will be broken.

touchscreen pen

At that time, the touch-screen era was just emerging, and many functions were not perfect. Different from the now very sensitive mobile phone screen, the screen touch of the old mobile phone is very difficult to control, and there will always be a false touch or a bad touch. In order to solve this series of problems, the touch screen pen was officially born. Due to the more precise touch operation of the touch screen pen and convenient collection, it has also been widely used.

Mobile phone keyboard film

I believe that many “smelly farts” or clean friends should have used this thing. Its role is also simple and clear. It is to protect the screen of the mobile phone from entering the garbage. In the past, there was a gap between the keyboards of the mobile phone, so there are often some Small garbage will get in. 

However, with the release of Apple’s mobile phone 4, touch-screen design has become the mainstream of the era, keyboard-style design has been rare, not to mention the phone keyboard film.

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Mobile phone chain

In the past, the mobile phone chain was an indispensable thing on the mobile phone, and its popularity was no less than the current mobile phone case, and the street was easy to see. In order to make your mobile phone more prominent, a variety of mobile phone chains are also endless, very flattering. 

Unfortunately, like the mobile phone keyboard film, the mobile phone chain is also “loaded” in the era of screen design, more and more people use the screen mobile phone, the design of the phone chain hole no longer exists, naturally there are very few of them The figure is gone.

With the continuous development of mobile phones, mobile phones are not only more and more diversified, but also screen designs are becoming more and more comprehensive. At this point, many old designs of mobile phones have never been seen before. However, I still miss the time when I used the feature phone. 30M can stick to play for a month. Simple online chat is the source of fun at that time. The song on the mobile phone is never tired, and the novel can never be finished… … For your friends, have you ever experienced such an era, what was your most popular at that time?