Will future mobile phones bid farewell to the LCD screen?

In the 21st century, the rapid development of science and technology, the people’s living standards continue to improve, OLED and other emerging new display technologies make the original LCD screen have a lot of pressure, and some even say that new technologies are mature, the previous traditional LCD screen We may launch our mobile phone.

In fact, the LCD technology is not as bad as we think. It is composed of color filters, polarizers, backlights, and liquid crystal molecules. Polarization, etc. are used to change the format to make adjustments to the LCD. The backlight is provided, and then the color filter can be used to color the polarizer.

The LCD screen also has better quality and long life cycle, which is definitely enough for us to use. More importantly, this technology is very mature. It has evolved from the last century and its performance is very stable. It is not unacceptable to look at it. The following three display technologies can be compared.

In contrast, as long as it is a normal ordinary person, it is probably better to distinguish which one is better. We put the three technologies together on one map. We see the following figure to find that the Micro LED and OLED are better than the LCD screen. If they start mass commercialization in the future, will the original LCD screen be eliminated? stuffonix doesn’t think so, because the cost of the LCD screen is really too low.

Let’s start with OLED. This new open technology has already begun to be used on various mobile phones. However, the various problems that burned the screen and how long it takes to be broken are squandered by users, and the price is about $100. User indicates that it is too expensive.

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The price of Micro LED is even more unacceptable, which has not been widely used in the mobile phone industry. As an example of Sony Black Crystal, the display system made with Micro LED technology is only one million yuan per square meter. Even if it is commercialized later, the cost is definitely not comparable to liquid crystal.

Geniusupdates  believes that if the technology is mature in the future, there may be LCD screens for low-end phones, and mid- to high-end phones are all equipped with Micro LED technology. And OLED can only be used as a transition technology, what do you think?