How to Build an “SEO Friendly” Blog

seo friendly blog

Have you ever wondered how to make your blog more popular? Hiring an SEO expert seems like a bit too much, but you would love to find a way to be able to reach a wider audience. Although it might seem like you are stepping into terra incognita, don’t worry. You won’t have to write like a robot craving the attention of other robots, no. Thankfully, what is appropriate for SEO usually goes hand in hand with higher enjoyment of your human audience.

Tracking your performance

There are multiple ways to check if your attempts at achieving high ratings are not just an exercise in futility. You can compare the number of visitors, comments, or you can download a program that will show you comprehensive statistical data. Initially, you may be intimidated by the vastness of the information, and what to do about it, but don’t panic. After you become familiarized with those tools, they will help you to track more effectively which of the changes and articles affected your blog’s viewership. With the help of programs such as Google Analytics, ProRank Tracker, or Moz, you can check how much of your traffic is organic, measure your bounce rate, or check the ratings of various keywords.

Content is king

It might not come off as a surprise, but writing captivating content that will answer most of the questions your readers may ask is the easiest way to make sure that your blog posts rank high. Don’t worry about it at first, but try to develop your personal style that will be suitable for your ideal audience. Sprinkling your blog posts about investment funds with post-ironic memes won’t be the wisest idea.

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Readability is one of the critical aspects that will affect the retention of your readers. Before you send your blog posts for the world to read, wait several hours. Then proofread it and evaluate whether all your points are clearly stated and aren’t confusing. If you can write content that will make your readers open their mouths in awe, that’s great, but remember that following a certain structure will make it easier for your audience to understand concepts that are new to them.


Conducting keyword research before you start writing is very helpful, but remember to not just stuff keywords everywhere! Apart from being offensive to humans, it might even result in penalization. To make this task easier, you can download a free keyword tool, like Keyword Planner.

Being mobile-friendly

Putting effort into making sure that your blog is mobile friendly has a twofold effect. In 2018 52.2 % of all web traffic was mobile, which means that if you neglect it, you risk losing more than half of your users. A glance at this chart can tell you that the percentage of mobile traffic will even rise in the following years. Apart from that, being mobile-friendly promotes high rankings by directly influencing the Google algorithm that calculates your blog’s position on online technology.


Okay, so let’s say that you have spent several days writing an amazing article that you’ve put your heart into, and now you cannot wait until others get the chance to read it. If you have stuffed it with loads of pictures, opening your blog may become a problem. You can either delete some of the images or try compressing them to decrease their size.

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SEO plugins

If managing your blog by yourself is something that seems beyond your capabilities, you can use an SEO plugin. It makes changing elements such as SEO title, meta keywords and meta descriptions much easier. Some of the most popular ones are SemRUSH, Yoast, and RankMath. Even if you know a thing or two about blogs, be sure to check them out, you will surely learn something new!

Social sharing plugins

All right, so let’s assume that you have written a thrilling article, and the users aren’t facing any issues with loading it. Great, if it so happens that their opinion about it is similar to yours, then they may want to share it with their friends. To make it simpler, just instal a social sharing plugin, and voila! This way, you can see which ones of your articles are really valuable for your audience. In the future, it may help you in deciding what the next article should be about.

No need to abandon the human race

Understanding all the complexities of the SEO world will take some time, but the outcome is worth it. Hopefully, this article has convinced you that you don’t have to burn your Earthling passport to be heard on the internet. Some of the aspects aren’t exactly intuitive, but generally, creating an SEO friendly site with high blog rankings is the same as creating a blog that is easy for your audience to read and use.