Top 10 Backlink Analysis Tools Help You to Identify Low Quality Backlinks

There are a lot of measures that could be taken to boost your website ranking. Backlinking is one such important part of SEO. It is important to devote time and effort to build strong backlinks. Backlinks are the most integral element of SEO. There used to be a time when using low-quality backlinks could help you improve your website ranking. But if you try the same thing today, it would deteriorate your page ranking instead of improving it. Backlink analysis is a skill that is worth knowing. Though analyzing backlinks is a time-consuming task, it must not be avoided. Here is a compiled list of backlink analysis tools that will help you understand your link profile.

1. Check My Links

Among the list of the backlink analysis tools, the first tool is Check My Links. The use of this tool is quite simple. It is an extension of Google Chrome. This tool speeds up the process of backlinking. It also builds up the broken link- a strategy with which you might not have been familiar with.

2.Broken Link Builders

By using this tool, you get to know about the broken links within few seconds. This is a good alternative to Check My Links Google Chrome extension. Once you get the list of broken links, you can begin the work by starting the outreach process. You can utilise this tool just by taking few simple steps that include finding broken links related to your niche, choosing pages that you can recreate and finally contacting the site owners about broken links suggesting that they link to your content. Broken Link Builder not only helps you save time but also helps you find link opportunities. This was the second tool among the backlink analysis tools.

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3.Link Bird

This backlink analysis tool comes with lots of features that make it the one-stop destination for all your SEO needs. You can analyse your backlink profile, track your rankings and conduct keyword research using this tool. It allows you to combine link building with your content promotion strategy conveniently.


It could be considered as one of the most powerful tools for link prospecting and outreach that helps you build links of thehighest quality. This tool allows you to find targeted opportunities based on your search preferences. Pitchbox also provides an automated follow-up feature. Pitchboxcomes with a variety of features that help you build links in an efficient way.


This SEO tool helps you in ranking for local search terms. This tool is one of the best tools for local SEO. If you focus on a specific location, this tool will give you precise results by narrowing your focus. This tool saves your time and comes with avariety of features that include guest posting, reviews, donations, directories and professional organisations. It helps you improve your website ranking locally and allows you to build some high-quality backlinks. Though Whitespark can be used on a broader scale as well, it works best for those who are looking for local results.

6.Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks provide you with the details on new backlinks. It also provides you information on keyword rankings and site speed.  You could also set up your competitors, and it would send you alerts every time your competitor obtains a new link.

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This tool helps you create a desirable number of good quality backlinks. This tool allows you to find about every backlink to your website. You don’t have to wait for a certain period of time to know about your backlinks. Through linkstant, you can know about the ones interested in your website and content.


It provides you with a number of tools to understand your backlinks better. Whenever a competitor site earns a new backlink, Linkody alerts you through email. It allows you to identify spammy links. It notifies you when you gain or lose a link. It gives you an analysis of your competitors’ performance. It’s equally important to know that you lost a link as much as it is to know that you gained a link. It lets you know about the current scenario of your link profile within no time. If you choose to enable daily email notification, you will get daily report involving detailed analysis of your link profile.


This tool allows you to create a list of links that are important according to you. If you enable this, it will automatically check the links on a daily basis. One of the great features of this tool is that it helps you keep the bad links away from your profile. This tool helps you remove the bad links as well as it ensures that they do not appear in future. As you become familiar with this tool, it becomes easier for you to manage your link profile.

10.LinkResearch Tool

The company describes this tool as the “most complete backlink profile view”. It provides you with the best backlink data available. This backlink analysis tool could be of great help if used with the right approach. It integrates data with 24 backends. It gives you all that you need to create high-quality backlinks.