Are there Good Real Money Betting Apps for Android?

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All signs show mobile apps are the future of online sports betting. They won’t eradicate PCs and Online Cricket Betting ID shops anytime soon. But based on recent statistics, more than 50% of sports bettors now prefer to use their phones to bet over their laptops and desktops.

Unfortunately, finding useful betting apps is still challenging for many people. For Android users, the risk of running into a buggy app is higher than finding a stable app. That shouldn’t scare you, though. There are a few great apps you can rely on for all your betting needs. Below are some of them.


Bet365 is a familiar bookmaker to everyone that loves the Premier League or La Liga. It sponsors Stoke City’s Stadium in the UK and half of La Liga teams in Spain. Although the Spanish sponsorship deals are controversial, Bet365 is a globally respected bookmaker.

Whether it’s the neatness of its Android app or the quality of its odds, its quick payouts or game streaming service; there are plenty of reasons to love the bookmaker.

Its Android app is impressively well-organized, and you could navigate all sections effortlessly. It also loads fast, a feature that makes it one of the best apps to use during peak betting hours. Speaking of betting, Bet365 providing comprehensive betting markets with quality odds. So, if you know the art of finding value odds, Bet365 is an app you should install.


Betfair’s frequent free bets provide a good reason to download its app, but the bookmaker offers a lot more than bonuses. Whether you access its services on the web or through its Android app, you can expect to find excellent betting services.

Unlike most betting sites, Betfair provides an exchange platform where you bet against fellow punters. In an example, let’s you find a bet where someone thinks Manchester United will beat Arsenal at home. If you think the Gunners will win, you bet against the Manchester fan. And if you are correct, you get the money wagered by the red devils’ fan.

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If you are familiar with Betfair’s website, you’ll love its app. It’s simple by design yet neat and well-organized. You can navigate through its betting markets quickly, choose games and back or lay at your convenience.

William Hill

William Hill is one of the best-rated android betting apps on the Google Play store, and that says a lot about its quality of services. It’s been tried and tested. And over the years, people have had high approval ratings of the bookmaker.

Unsurprisingly, William Hill is ever committed to improving its services. Whether it’s its bonus packages or its response to customer complaints; William Hill is one of the best bookmakers out there. Lately, more bookmakers have come up that offers services that rival those of William hill. Learn more about them on this page.


Betfred welcomes you with a £30 bonus after you wager £10 on its website or apps. That’s admirable, but is its app worth your time? Based on review online, Betfred is worth having on your smartphone.

It’s easy to install and barely consumes space on your device. It’s professionally designed for effortless navigation and loads fast even on an old smartphone. But more significantly, betting on the app is straightforward. You can quickly search for games and place your bet in less than ten minutes.

Another significant feature on the app is live streaming section. Although it doesn’t show every game, you can watch your favourite games on the Betfred app. The service is only available to regular customers, so place a few bets to live stream games.

888 Sports

888 Sports regularly ranks amongst the best five bookmakers every year, an achievement they’ve maintained for more than two decades. Providing comprehensive betting markets, quick payments and quality support are some of the reasons 888 Sports is so successful.

However, you can’t ignore the aggressive nature of the company’s adverts. While some bookmakers rely on their customers to market their services, 888 Sports run adverts continuously. Fortunately, the company doesn’t neglect the service side of its obligation.

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Recently, the Gibraltar-based bookmaker redesigned both its website and mobile apps to improve their layouts. It regularly introduces new betting markets and expands its customer base to ensure you can access its app no matter where you live.


Similar to 888 Sports, Ladbroke has been providing betting services for decades. The company first offered a sports bet in 1886, around when the English Championship league began. It’s been offering betting services ever since.

Regarding its android app, Ladbroke follows the footsteps of its peers by providing an app that resembles its website. Of course, that’s part of the company’s branding efforts, but it’s a beautifully designed app with plenty of intuitive features.

The app combined the best of Ladbrokes and Coral after the bookmakers merged in 2016. It takes three steps to place a bet after you login. You also don’t need to leave the app to top up your account. What’s more, you can live stream thousands of sports events as long as you remain an active customer.


Although 1Xbet launched in 2011, it was hardly known in Western Europe until it sponsored Tottenham, Cardiff and Barcelona. It also sponsored the Africa Cup of Nations and a few more events in South America and Asia.

Thanks to its robust marketing efforts, 1Xbet is now one of the fastest-growing bookmakers in the world. Their app is not the most user-friendly apps out there, but the bookmaker boasts of a 97.3% payout rates. That shows the bookie offers high-quality odds to players and also pays consistently.

1XBet supports all major and minor sports events around the world. It also streams some matches, and you can watch up to four games per day. Additionally, the bookie offers irresistible bonuses.

To Conclude

It’s never easy to find a reliable betting app for android devices. Most of them are either buggy or come from bookmakers known for providing poor services. However, there are also a few great apps, like the apps outlined above.