What is Black Hat SEO? How Does it Help in Ranking Your Blog Among the Top?


So, you own a blog but are not getting the required results. Therefore, you wish to do anything that would help you make your blog rank among the top. Isn’t it true? Black Hat SEO techniques are among the dark but famous arts that will help you achieve your goal. This article will explain to you what they are and the ways in which you can use these tricks.

Black Hat SEO – What is it?                                                                               

Black Hat SEO refers to practice completely against the guidelines of the search engine that is used to get a website ranking higher in search results. Sometimes, these result in a penalty from various search engines. The site may be banned if the owner is found using such tactics.

There are various types of Black Hat SEO techniques. These include cloaking, keyword stuffing, etc.

Various Black Hat SEO Techniques

If you really wish to know such techniques, then keep reading this article. But first of all, you must know that if you want to rank high, you must keep up with the latest SEO trends. According to them, you can adjust your approach.


Some of the techniques that may help you are listed below:-

#1 Invisible Text

Invisible Text Black hat SEO

By reading the title, it is very clear that this technique refers to the use of text that is not visible. Basically, you will have to implement a list of keywords in white colour on a white background. Therefore, the visitor to your website will not be able to see these keywords. However, the search engine will search and index them.

#2 Keyword Stuffing

One of the most famous Black Hat SEO techniques, keyword stuffing involves the use of the same keywords throughout the content. This maximizes the organic traffic and visibility of the site. However, this content is not user-friendly at all because it does not look natural.

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The technique is not in much use these days since the advancements in technology have led to smarter search engines. They detect keyword stuffing and warn the owner. Therefore, if you are planning to use this technique, you must be cautious.

#3 Doorway Pages

Also known as bridge pages, jump pages, and gateway pages, doorway pages are specially optimized for specific keywords and designed in such a way as to rank high for certain queries. Their main aim is to trick the search engines to transfer visitors from a chosen result to an unrelated destination.

#4 Cloaking

To understand the technique of cloaking, you must first understand its meaning. Cloaking refers to the technique that presents a totally different URL or content to the user as compared to the search engine spider. Therefore, cloaking basically tricks search engines for getting desired ranks for target keywords.

#5 Article Spinning

With time, this is getting more and more popular. It involves plagiarism and a special kind of software that takes the copied source to rephrase it. This becomes a unique post later. In this technique, the use of modification reduces the risk to be detected through the help of plagiarism tools.

#6 Duplicate Content

Duplicate content means creating content by copying and pasting. This means that a lot of content that is copied from other websites is exactly the same in these sites. Unique content is preferred by search engines, which is why duplicate content is one of the major techniques in Black Hat Market.

The moment the same results are found in Google listing, it becomes clear that manipulation of search engine rankings has taken place.

The duplicate content concerns different domains and one domain. Nonetheless, the second case is not as serious as the first one since it is generally a sign of neglect or a lack of knowledge. It is therefore essential to apply a canonical tag for the indication of the original version of your article. In this manner, you will make the other copies invisible for Googlebots.

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#7 Spam Comments

Has it ever happened to you that spammer comments on your website with an unrelated promotional link and a worthless message? This is one of the widely practiced techniques in the Black Hat Market.

Spam comments create free backlinks. Since no SEO juice is transferred, it becomes a total waste of time. However, many people around the world prefer this practice. It is not necessary to always do it manually – there are several tools available across the Web to automatically sprinkle spam comments.

In case your blog is open to comments without anyone for controlling their quality, you will definitely get spam comments that will leave a negative impression on the users, hence, lowering their experience’s quality. This is why it would be great if you prevent spam comments.

Also remember, spam comments portray the blog as unprofessional and neglected. Therefore, you must wait and provide approval for the comments after you filter out the spam with the use of blocking plugins.

#8 Paid Links

For SEO, buying links leads to certain undeniable pros for the buyer. Primarily, it is easy. Once a transaction takes place, there is not any need to bother with the content’s quality.

Also, one of the strongest Google ranking factors, the anchor text is chosen in accordance with the customer’s preferences.

The above-mentioned two reasons are adequate to manipulate search engine rankings effectively. Due to this, the paid links technique is considered as a serious technique in the Black Hat Market.

The use of Black Hat SEO techniques is very risky due to the penalties that can be imposed by the search engines. The dark art sometimes even results in your website getting banned. In any case, you are at loss. Even though these techniques can help you get your website ranked high, they may not prove to be the best in the long term as they get detected sooner or later. Therefore, it is essential you consider all the consequences before considering these practices.