10 Exercises You Can Do Around the Neighborhood During Quarantine

Exercises You Can Do Around the Neighborhood

Do you need some exercise ideas during the quarantine period? Whether you love good electric bikes, or just want to do advanced exercises to move your whole body, you can still do around your neighborhood during quarantine. Read on and check the 10 exercises that you can do!


Bicycling is a great cardio exercise. It will make you check the best hybrid bikes and find the one that works for you. But, be sure to follow the rules. Check for news from the local authorities to see if there is any news. Also, make sure that you keep distant from others. Avoid riding on crowded paths where you can’t keep the distance with other pedestrians and bicycle riders. 


If you don’t have a city cruiser bike, then you can always try walking. If you are a beginner, you can start with light walks. Medium pace means that you can increase your walking speed to 3.5 mph. Make sure that you keep the proper posture while walking. If you want an advanced exercise, you can try going uphill if it is available in your neighborhood

3.Play frisbee

If you haven’t played frisbee for a while, now is the right time to start it. It is a great way to exercise, but also a nice way to hang out with a friend while still keeping the required distance. It will keep your whole body moderately active. 

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4.Climb the stairs

Even if you live in an apartment, you can still get to do your exercise. Instead of using the elevator, you can use the stairs. Go a few times up and down the stairs for an excellent workout.

5.Jump rope

This is a very simple exercise that doesn’t have any special requirements. But, it will boost your heart rate and make your body burn those calories. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced level. From simple jump rope to a more complex routine that includes different techniques, be sure that you can find the thing that works for you.


This is possible if you live in a suburban area. When you have some nice hiking trails in your near neighborhood, you can always try them. Again, make sure that it isn’t crowded.

7. Spin the hula hoop

If you were thinking that this is a kid toy, you were wrong. Spinning the hula hoop can help you strengthen your core muscles. 

8. Jumping jacks

You can do this exercise anywhere you want. It will get you moving and boost the heart rate. You can do different variations if you are up for an advanced workout. 

9. Jogging

If you can find a less crowded path, you can go jogging. If you can’t, then find the time of the day when it isn’t so crowded. 

10. Check for online exercise sessions

Don’t forget to check for available online exercises. Since the gyms are closed, some personal trainers will broadcast live video sessions.

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