Best TV Shows for Gamers

TV Shows for Gamers

One thing will never change, how great the TV shows for gamers that feature casinos, adventures, and strategies are. If you are a big fan of tv shows for gamers and want to discover the best series recommended for gamers, check out this article. 

Sneaky Pete

Maybe free spins in online casinos could’ve helped the main character of Sneaky Pete to gain some hefty winnings and change his life forever. But…how could you possibly feel when you are in a constant run and hide your past mistakes from others? Enjoy the ride with one of the most outstanding Amazon Prime TV Series and discover the endless world of a con man. 

Although Marius escaped the prison, he still has a lot to share with his “estranged family”. To start over again, he takes the personality of his last cellmate, Pete, and tries to steal his identity. But…things don’t seem to look too good for our main character as Pete’s family is into shady businesses. Dangers are all along the way, and our new Pete is trying to protect himself. Will he succeed? Watch the series and find out!

Poker after dark

What happens when the best poker players gather around the table and start betting? In Poker after dark, you can witness strategies, extreme bluffs, and unexpected outcomes. The series aired on NBC in 2007 and was canceled in 2011 due to some legal issues. 

There were only 12 series to watch that include 611 episodes and 94 live streams. In each episode, the prize was up to 120,000 USD, and the single-game the punters played was No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. Due to the series popularity, the TV show came back in 2021 but it’s exclusively streamed on PokerGo. 

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The Casino

There is no better place to feel joy, adrenaline, and intense emotions than a casino. Combining this with the real-life pressure to manage and keep on the line Nugget Hotel & Casino, it’s a huge challenge. The reality TV show stars Thomas Bretting and Tim Poster, two dot-millionaires that have to manage this hotel. 

Even though the show had disappointing ratings on Fox and was canceled after the first three episodes, it continued to air on another branch – Fox Reality Channel. It wasn’t a hit as many people expected but it’s a juicy show to watch overall. Take into consideration that “The Casino” is the creation of Mark Brunett (the television producer that made Survivor).

Las Vegas

The Sin City, Las Vegas could be a blessing or a hex for lots of people. You may hear how great the atmosphere is, and how big the prizes are. A great place to start your Las Vegas adventure is through a great TV series that has the same name as the city. Gary Scott Thompson made a marvelous show that stars Josh Duhamel, James Caan, and James Lesure. 

This show brings back to life the expression of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Everything seems to be controlled in the casinos, starting with the whales that gamble fortunes to the ones that try to cheat or win too often. In Montecito Resort, a professional surveillance team takes care of everything. Watch them carefully!

Breaking Vegas

A great strategical, psychological and inevitable war is going to happen in Breaking Vegas. A team of trained students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tries to get rich by playing in Vegas Casinos. 

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They try their luck and strategies on blackjack, and they may have or not have luck. It’s an interesting 2-hour long documentary all gambling fans should watch, especially if they know what the MIT blackjack team was all about. 


Even if you are drawn to a single TV series or documentary from our list, all of the described TV shows are suitable for gamers who want to discover the casino world. Select one, start the stream and have a great time watching them.