Several Apple Watch tips to make your life easier

About two months ago, I bought Apple’s latest Apple Watch Series 4 and found a series of tricks that only Apple Watch can achieve, and share it with everyone today.

Best Apple Watch tips

Unlock any Mac you have with Apple Watch

There are two computers in my apartment: the Mac Mini and the MacBook Pro. Both computers require a password, but if I approach them when I wear an Apple Watch, they will be unlocked immediately, which is a very cool and futuristic feeling.

To activate this feature, you need to go to the System Preferences app on your Mac, click on “Security & Privacy” and then click “Allow Apple Watch to Unlock Mac”.

Check here steps of how to Unlock any Mac using apple watch

Use Apple Watch as the remote control for Apple TV

The Apple TV comes with a remote control, but like every remote, it’s slippery and can easily be dropped on the sofa cushion.

At the same time, having an Apple Watch means you never lose your remote because it’s really attached to your wrist. It doesn’t have Siri, of course, Siri is only useful, it’s not available, but you can still use Apple Watch to play, pause, scroll and navigate through menus.

To activate this feature, simply open the remote app on your watch and it looks like a blue play button. I saved the remote app in my Dock and you can summon it by pressing the side button on the Watch for quick access.

If you feel stressed or anxious, try breathing the app

Apple Watch really calms me down, better than anything else I’ve tried, including meditation and breathing exercises. In just one minute (or longer), the Apple Watch lets you focus on the image on your wrist and breathe and exhale as the image expands and contracts.

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Apple Watch also provides tactile feedback that mimics the feeling of lung expansion and deflation, which makes it easier to focus on breathing. Using the Breath app for a few minutes a day is a great way to improve your attention and attention as well as your mental (and even physical) health.

To use it, simply open the blue-green app on your watch with a stack of overlapping white circles. You can also make the Breathe application a superficial feature, so you can access it directly from the home screen.

You can use Watch to find your iPhone right away

I have a problem with the company, I have been unable to find a mobile phone in my apartment. Usually on a sofa mat, but sometimes it’s on the bed, or in my bathroom, or in my pocket. Finding it is really a headache.

Apple Watch makes it all better. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the watch and click on the icon of the vibrating phone. Your phone will make a loud sound no matter where it is, but it can only be played once.

The best part: Unlike Apple’s own “Find My iPhone” app, you won’t be notified every time you try to ping your phone from your watch, so you can do it whenever you want.

This Apple Watch tips help those people who generally forget mobile at any place.

Apple Watch can take pictures of you

Your Apple Watch doesn’t have a camera, but it can control the camera on your iPhone.

When you click on the remote camera app on your watch, you can see what the iPhone’s camera sees. You can take a photo right away, or if you are shooting, you can delay it for three seconds so that when you are fooling on an Apple Watch, you won’t be photographed.

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Apple Watch can control iPhone music

This is best Apple Watch tips for music lover. If your iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker, headset or car, you can control the music from the Apple Watch. If Apple Music or Spotify is playing on your iPhone, the music controls will automatically pop up your wrist. If your watch is tracking practice, swipe right to show your music.

If your music doesn’t show up, go back to the home screen and see if there’s a red music icon in the center of the top of the screen. Clicking this button takes you to the Now Playing screen where you can control playback and volume.

Apple Watch can show you a lot of details about your heart

When you visit the Heart Rate app on the Apple Watch, scroll down to show your current heart rate, the average heart rate for rest and walking, and the heart rate of any workout you are tracking.

There is more heart data on your iPhone. Visit the Health app, click the Health Data tab at the bottom, and then click Heart.

You can view more data in your watch and other third-party apps that track your health and understand your heart information, such as seeing your heart rate variability.

After reading geniusupdates sharing, do you think it is very convenient to have an Apple Watch tips, just pick up your Apple Watch and try it out.