Where are the Best Places in Thailand to Invest in Property?

Best Places in Thailand to Invest in Property

It’s very clear in front of our eyes why Thailand has become one of the most leading locations for expats. The jaw-dropping views, tropical temperatures, mouthwatering native cuisines don’t let anyone stay away from the country. Thailand has become the most ideal place for having a holiday for many tourists from the UK. From Chaing Mai to Bangkok, you can find around 40,000 UK expats living in here, after investing in the properties. Thailand has blessings for you in the form of properties if you are trying to begin a new life in a new world, or trying to have some fun spending your holiday outside the country. There are many places in Thailand that you can put your resources in, but these mentioned below are among the bests.

Low Budget (£150,000)

You can easily purchase a flat on the edge of Bangkok with a low budget. An apartment with two bedrooms along with a garage and passage to a sauna and a communal pool. If you want a city-based life, there are apartments available in the center of Bangkok for you. But, for a quieter lifestyle, the North of Thailand is the best place. Around £120,000 is all needed to have a four-bedroom house in a gated community in Chaing Mai. These apartments are available on ThailandFlat and many other online markets. They can boast plenty of luxuries such as a communal gym, swimming pool, and 24/7 security. In fact, it only takes 15 minutes to the golf course and 30 minutes to the airport from Chaing Mai.

Standard Budget ( £150,000-£300,000)

If you want a detached villa with three or more bedrooms, Phuket would be the best place for you. These villas come with private pools surrounding gate and walls for top-notch privacy. These villas can be purchased for around £170,000. You can also have villas on rent if you don’t want to stay here permanently.

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On the other hand, for £250,000, you can have a penthouse by the beach with three-bedrooms in Hua Hin. These penthouses will likewise provide you a driver, maid, tennis court, pool, and a condo restaurant.

Big Budget (£300,000-£500,000)

A bigger budget means larger profile apartments. These properties are available in famous destinations like Aguston Complex. You can hope to be at the centre point of the activity for around £430,000, making rental occupants simple to drop by.

If you want a more luxurious property, go for a property in Koh Samui, where you can have a private family villa with five-bedroom for £500,000. There will be no distraction for you while you are relaxing at your private beach-facing pool with 24/7 security and full perimeter walls. If you want to earn real cash then you should go fo betting apps that can help you to earn cash prizes.

Thailand is a beautiful place in Asia and financial experts have been attracted to the economic engagements of the country. Expats that have already invested in this country have not backed off and made their desired profit out of their money. Choosing the right place is a very significant factor before making any decision. Keeping the places that are mentioned above will help you to make the right decision so that you can put your resources into.