8 Reasons Why Diamonds are More Than Just a Girl’s Best Friend

Jewelry is often regarded as more than a mere fashion statement. Women especially take these precious accessories as adorned items. Among them, diamonds are most considered because of their unique qualities. Its glittering features constitute a show stopper. These exceptional amenities make diamonds an “almost must-have” for every woman.  

Diamonds make up around 20% of the entire world’s jewelry. And there are many reasons why diamonds are regarded as the “king of jewelry.” The famous song by Marylin Monroe, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” comes to mind here. Still, we believe it goes way beyond being regarded as just a bestie. 

Diamonds hold more sway over ladies. You may doubt this fact, but the following reasons should clarify why diamonds may very well be a girl’s ‘right-hand man.’ 

1.They are Indestructible Gems

Diamonds are known to be the most complex substances on earth. They are not only challenging but also 50x more complex than the next natural substance. You can’t scratch or destroy a diamond with bare hands. Diamond cuts are only possible when another diamond gem is used as the cutting material. 

Owning such glistening material that can never break is probably why girls will underrate the pride of owning different types of diamonds. You don’t want to put on something that may break off because a fellow woman made a mistake and matched on your earrings, which shattered into pieces. Diamonds have become a must-have for most women just because of this quality. 

2.High-Quality Control 

One particular value for diamonds is that their high quality is attributed to in-depth controls for their ratings. You can’t find any legitimate diamond without its value determined and comes with a certificate of worthiness.

Imagine getting embarrassed when you’re caught with diamonds purchased from nefarious sellers. Ladies love to boast about the Genuity of a product, and diamonds are worth the hype if they are not fake.

Diamonds are graded by their quality but it is important to note that lab-grown diamonds are more likely to be of higher quality than mined ones. This is because lab-grown diamonds are cultivated under controlled conditions, thus lowering the chances of them having inclusions. This is also one of the reasons why lab grown diamond engagement rings are becoming more and more popular.

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Whatever kind of diamond you opt for, remember that going for diamonds sold from fake pawn shops is an illegal act. With the high regulations surrounding the sale of diamonds, there’s little wonder why women hold it in the highest regard and respect.

3.Diamonds are Symbols of Status

On its own, diamond jewelry represents class and superb taste. Women would love to own possessions that present them as a higher class. You can see this from diamond-made proposal rings; a woman would probably cherish it as a particular item. 

If you wear diamond earrings and step out for an event, try to observe the behavior of people around you. The feeling would be surreal because people love to flock around you, especially other women, showing reverie and respect. Even wedding rings with diamonds attract attention from both genders. Its glistening effect in the light is more than enough reason why diamonds are a partner for life for a lady. 

However, you should understand that diamonds do not represent women’s core values. As stated, it only displays her taste for the best things in life, including priceless accessories. 

4.They are Old Relics

Diamonds are not just made overnight. Many of them come from billions of years of hardening of rocks. The natural order of things those rocks have passed through only shows how highly valued it is. Imagine wearing an old piece of item that gleams in the light and has a high market value. 

You can’t find diamonds just on any rock. This reason alone is why diamond mining is expensive. For most reasons, this is why the blood diamond market is still in effect (although we do not encourage it). Some people claim diamonds have been formed from the beginning of time. Whether this is true, no one knows. 

Having an old relic as a prized possession is a dream for most women. The fact that wedding day diamonds represent ancient and eternal love means they are unique. Hence, it’s a special place in the hearts of women.

5.It’s a Great Investment

Women are the architects of investment and do more strategic funding than men. Most people prefer to overlook investment opportunities like diamonds, but most women know better. But have you considered the potential Return on Investment for diamonds? Lab-created diamonds have become a passport to financial freedom if done correctly. 

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As old relics, they are rare and do not fall to market inflation or price manipulation. It’s the perfect fail-proof method for a crisis in the market. Together with gold, the diamond price chart never comes down. If you’re looking for an ideal investment opportunity, consider diamond pendants. 

This method is not new since many companies are trading diamond studs for women. It’s a brilliant investment opportunity, although capital intensive. 

6.It Signifies Love and Relationship

Diamonds have been a representative of love unions. Many people now prefer their engagement ring to contain diamonds. Even diamond proposal rings are not left out and have become almost every girl’s dream. Imagine the spark and exquisite beauty on your hand as the love of your life bends on one knee to propose. Wedding rings for women mean a lot in many climes. 

Many couples now extend proposals to authentic diamond earrings as a show of affection. Wedding Jewelry manufacturers are currently experiencing high demand for 3-carat diamond rings, and it only looks like it will go up from here. 

7.It can Be Passed Down as A Sacred Family Heirloom

Women love to release inheritance to their offspring. What better material than decades-old jewelry that never gets out of shape? Even though diamonds can be passed down generations, it doesn’t lose their monetary value. 

You can refer to them as heirlooms, and you won’t be wrong. Imagine getting small earrings from your grandmother, which do not get old yet have substantial market value. Wedding rings, and diamond earrings, among others, are now essential pieces of family history. 

8.Fashion Statement

Diamonds can be anything you want them to be. There are now diamond stud earrings, which look fancy on some women. Some sportswomen, especially tennis players, can get diamond tennis bracelets as an accessory. It makes you look enticing to fans and intimidating to competitors. 

Stud earrings are now trendy among the younger generation. As fashion progresses, they will continue to be a woman’s companion.

In Summary

You may not believe it, but diamonds have been a woman’s companion since immemorial. Its value makes it one of the best investments, making it a unique addition. Women are remarkable and deserve to have a reliable possession that does not fade with time.