Apps And Mobile Websites to Use on Your Travels

travel websites

More and more of us are beginning to rely on our mobile phones when we go traveling helps to find world mysterious places to visit. These days, even (most) remote areas have decent phone signal and mobile data reception, allowing you to make the most of travel apps and other tools. Indeed, there are now quite a few of these apps to choose from, as well as services that are better accessed on mobile internet. We have picked out a few examples of mobile features that you should install or bookmark before setting out to make your life easier on your journey.

Flights and hotels

If you fly frequently, the chances are you will end up stuck in an airport because your flight has been delayed or cancelled. Both EU and US law enable passengers who experience serious delays to claim compensation for this. However, this is a notoriously complex process and many claimants do not receive their money back.

Flights and hotels

Air Help is an app that allows you to make a compensation claim while still in the airport. Simply by entering your flight details and information about the delay, you can quickly and easily get your claim sorted before continuing on your journey. This could be crucial if you are traveling on a tight budget.

If you are left stranded by a cancellation that you will likely need a place to stay, should the airport not have accommodation. HotelTonight is a good app to have for finding and reserving last minute hotel rooms, offering great discounts and 24/7 customer support. When planning your trip, you can find and book your cheap vacation rental with Cozycozy. With this app, you can compare accommodation prices and types at once.

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For the all-seeing, all-doing travelers among you, there is an app designed just for you. App in the Air and TripCase are multipurpose apps that can do everything from estimating your check-in time at the airport to measuring whether your bag will fit in an overhead locker before you board. Make sure to have one of these downloaded before you set off to make use of their loyalty scheme!

Local culture

Exploring new destinations is the reason we travel, and there are a plethora of apps designed to help you integrate yourself into your new surroundings. The language barrier can often hold people back, particularly in more far-flung places, so language apps like Duolingo and Drops are great for teaching you the words and phrases you will need to get by, without overloading you with information. Getting around locally is also essential, so local travel apps like Rome 2 Rio are great for showing you reliable transport links. Trust Google Maps and to see where it is you are going.

Local culture


We all need to chill out, particularly in those boring moments waiting for flights or on long bus journeys. There is only so long that you can look out the window! Keeping yourself entertained is another area where your smartphone excels, and e-reader or podcast apps like Audible are a great idea.

If you prefer mobile gaming, there may be another option that can do your phone a favor by saving some of the space that is being taken up by travel apps. Many iGaming and casino services have excellent mobile gaming suites on their websites and don’t require you to download anything. When you feel it is time to spin it up, you can simply head to a website like Spin Casino and log in from your mobile browser, as you would on your home computer. Some browser games such as the Submachine series can also be easily played in this way without any download necessary.

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Smartphones and tablets are light and easily packed, making them the perfect tools for getting the most out of your adventure. Wherever it is you are going, make sure that your device is working properly and has ample storage for all the apps you are going to need. Remember that many mobile sites are now as good as apps and that use of these can help preserve your phone’s internal storage for important things like photographs!