Top 6 Most Amazing Keyloggers for iPhone

Keylogger is an immensely efficient tool when it comes to providing holistic spying solutions. It helps one to view the keystrokes in a phone that one made. 

Whether it be a typed but unsent message, whether it be a deleted item, keylogger helps the user to see things as they are. iPhones are sophisticated versions of devices. 

But, keylogger for iPhone on Spyine can allow users to get a first hand view of keystrokes made by the phone users. With spyine viewing even futile plans become very likely. It is as if you are reading someone’s mind. 

6 Most Amazing Keylogger for iPhone

Spying becomes necessarily complete with keylogging. Apart from seeing activities that someone indulged in, you could also see activities that one intended to indulge in. It helps you be aware of how and what the user of the iPhone thinks. 

Gadgets laden with sophistication of the likes of iPhone provide a plush perception of the user. iPhones boast of their security and perfection of their rare features. 

Despite all the facilities and functions, below are the top 6 amazing keyloggers for iPhone that will revolutionize spying for you.


When it comes to keylogger for the iPhone, many apps claim to be having the facility. The truth is that not all apps excel at it. While Spyine tops the leaderboard, there are also other keylogger apps that can serve as great alternatives.

When prime critiques like Mashable, BBC, Tech Times and Reader’s Digest speak greatly of an app, you know it’s worth it. As far as keylogger is considered for Android, Spyine offers extreme keylogging benefits that are vital for spying. 

Attaining keylogging benefits on iPhone are extremely simple and convenient. You do not require the target phone at all, for anything. The target user might be miles away, and you could still see his/her keystrokes in a matter of a few minutes.

Spyine offers a great array of keylogging features that makes it better than other spy apps. The major key features offered can be summarized as below:

  • Spyine does not necessitate rooting or jailbreaking to the target device. For an iPhone, no physical interface is required with the phone. All you need to have is the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. Voila! That’s it!
  • Being a web-based app, Spyine keeps registration requirements at the minimum. There is no need to download or leave some trails of your spying. This also makes Spyine a very safe place to spy from.
  • Spyine ensures that the data of the user is protected. Therefore, absolute anonymity of the user is ensured. The web-based app doesn’t even seek too much information for and of the user. Even the staff of Spyine can’t access the user’s information. 
  • Spyine has a super efficient stealth mode that allows the users to maintain a hidden and incognito mode for spying. Checking keystrokes of the iPhone users is a tricky thing. But, Spyine ensures complete anonymity.
  • Keylogger function is further simplified into multiple bifurcations of apps. You can jump from one vital tab into another and view the keystrokes.
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iPhones are known for the luxurious deliverance of their services, software and hardware. How a spy app like Spyine can transcend all that and still ensure keylogging access is amazing. 

In a matter of a few minutes with Spyine, one can register, select the desired plan and install the software. After that, all you need to do as a user is to enter the iCloud credentials. You can then witness core keylogging activities, almost instantaneously.


Neatspy is a good enough alternative keylogger for iPhone. It also allows its users to witness vital keystrokes made on multiple applications. The stealth mode also ensures that the app user stays protected. 

Every core spying feature that a user could imagine, Neatspy provides that. It also ensures that a holistic spying experience is provided to the user.


ClickFree is another popular performer as far as keylogging for iPhone is concerned. The App also offers a lot of good spying features. It also does not require any rooting or jailbreaking through the target device.

The keystrokes are very neatly visible on its good and user friendly interface.



Minspy might be a new entrant to the keylogging race, but it has definitely created a place for itself. It boasts of a bug less and hassle free interface and experience. It is very easy and convenient to install and implement Minspy. 

You do not need to be a keylogging expert to know the functionality of Minspy. Minsoy’s interface is so simple that getting used to it is super simple.  



Spyic manages to have a lot of fan base and established patronage. Even first timers who have no clue about technology can function well with Spyic. Its features and spying service are remarkable. 

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It also does not require any unnecessary rooting. With minimal information and details, you can be up and running with Spyic. Users can maintain their anonymity with the app and get a bunch of elite spying solutions.


Spyier is a web-based app that provides remote accessibility to iPhones. With an almost known interface with the target iPhone, viewing of keystrokes is possible and easy. The entire paraphernalia of download and access is very easy and requires minimal effort. 

Spyier has also has a very handy customer support service that offers prompt solutions to issues. To help users learn quickly, they offer live demos to give people a first hand view of how Spyier’s usage would look like. 


Keylogging is becoming a popular spying exercise as it completes the picture of spying. It is reflective of the true intentions of the target users. What they wanted to delete, type, send, etc. Knowing what some didn’t do but wanted to is equally important.  

While all apps offer good keylogging solutions, with Spyine, you can attain almost 40 additional superb features, thereby enhancing the popularity. The keylogger for iPhone on Spyine stands apart, with respect to its perfect features. 

When making the perfect keylogging app for iPhone, the features, budgets, reviews, usability and support must be considered. Making an informed choice can help you attain wonderful keylogging results.