5 Actionable Tips for Content Marketing Strategy

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In the digital age, building trust with your audience is the best content marketing approach. With too much information being produced, the attention spans have reduced of businesses are focused on content that ensures social outreach and branding in a personalized manner.

The world has evolved with time – there’s hardly anyone using outbound marketing practices for their business due to the availability of new tools and marketing practices which have changed the way how things work.

”Content marketing’ is attracting customers by sharing valuable and relevant information with them. It’s not just plain black and white text—there are testimonials, videos, infographics, eBooks, and more, that garner enough traffic towards a brand’s webpage. It helps businesses establish brand loyalty and trust with customers.

You may wonder why every business is opting for content marketing. That’s because it helps generate higher conversion rates as it connects you with the target audience. 

You don’t share information with customers, but the right content strategy also compels your customers to purchase your products/services. According to a survey, 90% of B2B buyers revealed that online content greatly influenced their purchasing decisions.

If you’re confused from where to start, here are 5 actionable tips for creating your content marketing strategy.

     1. Ensure Accuracy

There are certain things which need to be taken into consideration for an effective content marketing strategy. You need to produce content which is ”free of errors.’ There is no scale of grammatical mistakes or weak sentence structures.

Focus on creating content that contains all the relevant information, even if it makes it lengthy. Robust content not just attracts the audience but also help in generating higher rankings on search engines. Longer content also gives the advantage of targeting more keywords. Create content around long-tail keywords to increase the online presence of your brand.

5 Actionable Tips for Content Marketing Strategy


It is essential to make the audience understand what the content is about. Accurate content means creating ”user-friendly’ content by using simple language. Avoid using jargons because they hinder communication and reduce the likelihood of audience understanding your content.

Always work on making your content look appealing to the audience by starting it with some humor, facts or figures. The title should be attention-grabbing so that it develops the interest of a reader.

     2. Use Facts and Visuals 

Arguments, facts, and figures are essential when it comes to boosting the credibility of your content. Whenever you’re talking about something, such as ”how visual content helps in generating leads,’ provide data and statistics to support your point. You can do this by attaching charts and graphs or either citing your content from a reliable source.

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Since the attention span of consumers has dropped to 8 seconds, it has become difficult to engage consumer attention. You must break the monotony of textual content and add in some visuals to make it more attractive. Brand storytelling through videos or pictures creates a powerful marketing impact.

Want to stand out among the plethora of online businesses? Look for social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube for videos or testimonials. If you’re going to create an eBook for your customers, get help from to promote your brand.

5 Actionable Tips for Content Marketing Strategy


The chart above illustrates that content marketing is being used by 86% of businesses. So, to ensure compliance and success, they can use data to increase the relevance of the content. Stating the facts not only provides credibility of your business, but it also fosters a trusting relationship between a brand and its customers.

     3. Repurpose Your Content

5 Actionable Tips for Content Marketing Strategy


You can repurpose your content, which means, look for ways to reuse the already existing material. It helps to reach a new audience because the existing content is transformed into videos, infographics and podcasts.

Such forms of content greatly appeal to the audience, which helps businesses generate traffic for their website. Many companies take part in repurposing content due to its numerous advantages:

  • It is time effective
  • Appealing to the audience
  • Search Engine friendly

Statistics revealed that 65% of businesses find it challenging when it comes to creating content. Repurposing content has led many companies to consider it a practical option for their content marketing strategy because it can help your business grow further.

     4. Target the Right Audience

For a successful content marketing campaign, it is essential to know about the needs of your audience. For this, you need to know who your audience is and your product niche. It is not important to target a vast number of audiences – you need to target the right audience that is looking for what your business has to offer.

Content marketing is not for anyone and everyone – there are some set of rules and objectives which need to be achieved.

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5 Actionable Tips for Content Marketing Strategy


Content marketing serves as ”bridge’ between the vision and goals of your business and what customers want. Through conveying your message, you need to cater to customers to achieve your business goals.

So, focus on a specific niche – it can help you generate higher conversion rates. When you know your audience, it becomes easy for you to cater to their needs by embedding it in your content marketing strategy. It helps in developing content that the audience is looking for, so you’ll be able to answer the potential questions for your audience.

You need to develop content which convinces your customers to make purchase decisions. You can also try establishing an emotional connection and feeling of empathy with your audience through content.

     5. Evaluate Your Content

We often believe that after creating blogs or writing a few articles, you would make potential customers and climb the ladder of success. It is not true!

Your ”goal and vision’ about the business has to be very clear. Professional content marketers not only believe in generating high-quality content, but they also find ways to evaluate their content to be sure about the progress of their marketing campaign.

Use indicators to gauge the progress of your content to determine whether you should continue with the current strategy or redefine it to achieve the goals you have set for your business.

64% of the marketers want to build a better content strategy by evaluating performance with the help of available tools such as activity assessment tool, Google analytics – it is the widely used tools by marketers.

5 Actionable Tips for Content Marketing Strategy


With the help of analytics, you can analyze the performance step by step (as shown above). Once you follow the steps, you’ll be able to measure the results very quickly. The performance of your content marketing strategy ensures that your resources – time, money and effort, are being utilized efficiently.

The Bottom Line

Once businesses have developed their content marketing strategy, it is vital to make it work. With some planning and actionable tips, content strategies can be tailored to cater to the interests and needs of the consumers. Creating the right plan will get your brand more prospects in the future.