8 Game Online Multiplayer Make Your Day Even More Exciting!

Online Multiplayer game

The prolonged pandemic has made us “stay at home,” which, of course, the boredom continues to attack us. Yes, what can we do, these outbreaks require us to minimize all outdoor activities to reduce contact with other people. So, do you want to keep feeling bored until the end of the year? Of course, it’s not possible. Playing games on your smartphone or PC is the right solution in warding off the boredom that plagues you. Moreover, coupled with the excitement of playing games with your beloved friends using internet network facilities, that’s a fun thing! So, what are you waiting for, immediately invite your friends to join a various game Online Cricket Betting ID multiplayer and compete fair to win the first championship!

Multiplayer games that are booming in the gamer’s universe

Game online multiplayer was being discussed at the end of 2000, where many PC games supported players to compete with their friends in real-time, which were helped by using the internet or LAN networks. The playing experience is even more exciting, of course, the game’s enemy being played is not the computer itself, but your friends! Gradually multiplayer games are getting more and more talked about until 2020; this time, many games offer the sensation of playing online or multiplayer even on smartphones. Some game producers deliberately eliminate offline mode and can only run when connected to the internet network. Of course, this adds to the tremendous excitement, coupled with prolonged outbreaks that make it easy for people to feel bored.

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Online Multiplayer games that you must play with friends

Don’t hesitate to try various multiplayer games, especially games for Android smartphones. There have been many game producers who have developed their games with a multiplayer concept because it’s the people’s interest who tend to like multiplayer-based games. It is undeniable that multiplayer offers a different sensation of playing, where a player will compete or play with fellow game users, and not with robots. The playing skills that you have also tend to be the same as other users, so the game will be more exciting and tense. Can’t wait to try it? Here we provide a list of the most popular game online multiplayer for Android and IOS.

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


For those who want to try the fun of game online multiplayer that requires solidarity between players, you need to try it! This game would be best if you worked with a team that must destroy the opponent’s base. You will play a hero equipped with various ultimate skills to destroy the opponent’s base. Reportedly, this game has been downloaded by millions of Android and IOS users around the world!

2. Player Underground Battle Game (PUBG)


If you don’t like MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) type games like Mobile Legends, you need to try this game! Yups, maybe you’ve played FPS (First Person Shooter) games like Counter-Strike on PC, the PUBG game offers the same thing, but you can use it on a smartphone. You can play games that carry the shooting genre with a team or choose your fighting mode. Good luck!

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3. Clash of Clans

Love to play a game that requires strategy and careful planning before fighting? Clash of Clans is a great game! You are required to organize all the soldiers and organize which parts to attack to defeat the opponent’s base. Guaranteed, you will not get bored quickly.

4. Call of Duty Mobile


Almost the same as PUBG Mobile, this game online multiplayer offers the same shooting experience on your smartphone. Don’t doubt the quality of the graphics provided, because this game is claimed to deliver stunning quality graphic details, of course, adjusted to the specifications of your smartphone

5. Asphalt 9: Legends

If you want to try playing games with the thrill of racing experience, you need to give it a try. In addition to offering high-quality graphics, Asphalt 9 offers a storyline that provides a more in-depth playing experience.

6. Vainglory


Want to try a MOBA game that is still rarely played? You can download Vainglory and feel a different playing experience!

7. FIFA Mobile


You don’t even have to play soccer with friends on the soccer field, just in the grip of your smartphone! FIFA Mobile offers the sensation of playing football complete with your favorite football club.

8. IDN Poker


This attractive game is one of the most famous game online multiplayer in Asia. But who would have thought, Kampuspoker is the company who own this game has several updates that provide a more riveting gaming experience. So, ready to earn money by play game poker online?

Those are some lists of game online multiplayer that are currently popular with gamers. Immediately download, invite your friends, and play together for unlimited fun!