Magnus Carlsen Net Worth: How Much Has He Earned?

magnus carlsen net worth

Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard of Magnus Carlsen. He is the world-famous chess Grand Master. In fact, he was the second-youngest Grand Master in the history of chess when he became one in 2004. If you live to play chess or even enjoy watching the tournaments, you must have seen how he plays. Magnus Carlsen is nothing but a chess prodigy who was made for greatness the moment he touched a game of chess set for the first time. If you are interested to know more about this skilled chess Grand Master, keep reading. We will tell you all about Magnus Carlsen’s bio, career, Magnus Carlsen net worth, and Magnus Carlsen’s recent news In this blog.

magnus carlsen net worth

Magnus Carlsen Bio

Magnus is a Norwegian chess Grand Master. He has broken several records and set several himself. We will talk about his achievements in a later segment but let us tell you about how his journey started.

Magnus Carlsen was born in Norway in 1990. He was not born to parents who were chess players. However, they supported him throughout his life. Magnus was different from other children. He was very developed from a young age. He could solve difficult jigsaw puzzles and memories a long list of names before he was even five. The boy was obviously talented, and that did not go unnoticed by his family. Thus, at the age of five, his father, Henrik Albert Carlsen, introduced Magnus to chess.

Like a lot of children, he wasn’t interested in the game right away. In fact, initially, he used to play the game only to defeat his older sister. But that changed soon, and he became more and more interested in chess. It was also evident that he was a talented player. Hence, it was no surprise that Grand Master Simon Agdestein decided to coach him. Thus started his journey of becoming one of the best chess players in the world. And eventually, he would also become one of the most skilled and popular chess Grand Masters the world had ever seen.

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Magnus Carlsen Career

Magnus has had one of the most impressive chess careers. He started playing at the age of five and had a rating of 2000 at the age of nine. It is no surprise that he took the world by shock and admiration in 2004 when he became the second-youngest Grand Master in the history of chess until then. At that time, he was only thirteen years old, just a teenager. He started playing at five and had been consistently an amazing player and Grand Master since then. There are very few matches he hasn’t won.

Speaking of his official achievements, Magnus Carlsen has won World Chess Champions five times and World Rapid Chess Champions three times. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the Grand Master has also won World Blitz Chess Championship five times.

Magnus Carlsen is also the co-founder of the app Play Magnus. The app looks at you playing chess at varying levels and also trains you in a way. It suggests you move and helps you improve. Besides that, Magnus has also gained popularity by doing endorsements.

magnus carlsen net worth

Magnus Carlsen net worth

It is no news that sportsmen earn a good deal of money from tournaments, especially if they win. And it is no different for Chess players. Magnus has been playing and winning from a very young age and thus has earned quite a high net worth. Magnus Carlsen net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. Yes, the thirty-one-year-old Grand Master has already built a net worth of $50 million, and it is only going to rise in the future. Magnus earns mainly from tournament prizes. But endorsements do pay a lot too. After all, he is a world-famous chess Grand Master, and he is one of the most demanded people for endorsements. Besides, he earns from YouTube videos as well.

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Magnus Carlsen recent news

In recent news, Magnus Carlsen has said things in interviews that have made his fans sort of unhappy. Reportedly he has said that he wishes to quit playing chess. This has been a very shocking thing to hear from Magnus, as he has always talked about how much he loves to play chess and win. But apparently, the Grand Master is no longer motivated to play.

He has also said that he has achieved everything he wanted as a player and that there is nothing more he can gain from playing professionally. This is understandable as he has been playing chess almost his whole life. At one point, anyone might lose the motivation to keep playing. Besides, the Grand Master has already won a lot of tournaments and holds numerous titles.

While the Grand Master has expressed his new thoughts regarding the future of his career, it is not known for certain when he will quit playing. Fans are hoping that isn’t too soon, and they still get to see him play a few matches, but they also wish to see him happy.

magnus carlsen net worth

Final Thoughts

We would like to conclude this blog by hoping that you have read what you wanted to know about Magnus Carlsen’s bio, career, Magnus Carlsen net worth, and Magnus Carlsen recent news. The Grand Master is one of the most skilled sportsmen in the world, and that too, only at the age of thirty-one. He is the third-richest Chess player and one of the most popular sportspeople in the world. He was evidently destined for greatness, and his ratings and wins only add to it.

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