6 ways of contributing to society through the Internet

contributing to society through the Internet

The Internet is both boon and bane. The digital world that prevails today demands everyone to make use of the information due to various reasons. While some people use it for good, on the contrary, there are others who would be using it for the exact opposite things. They would be involved in things that are not considered to be legal. Also, doing such activities would not do any good to the society as well as say the experts on a successful anonymous blog. Some of the unwanted things that people do with the Internet that does not contribute to society are as follows

  1. Personal attacks through social media channels 
  2. Bullying and harassment 
  3. Unethical hacking
  4. Stealing information of the users
  5. Sharing something extremely offensive 

information due to various reasons

By doing all these things, one would impact the other users also negatively, and this might, at times, motivate them also to indulge in doing these activities. Such people would be a bad influence on the entire society. It is easier to learn something bad and create the same vibes in and around us. But, trying to use the resources effectively which the technology offers is done by people who are responsible.  Such people would create an amazing environment around them, and they would start learning to contribute to society in a much better manner. Writing on an anonymous blog, we are trying to list out all those things that one can possibly do using the Internet to contribute to society. So, we hope that you would be quite thrilled to read these points and also use them when you need them.

1. Connect with public figures and raise fund

There are a lot of influential people that you can get in touch online and also while promoting an anonymous blog. These people would be quite approachable, and as a responsible person or a Netizen, you could always try connecting with such people and ask them to raise some funds for situations that might need a lot of help. These people would help you by contributing or sponsoring the required money in one or the other ways. 

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2. Contribute to a social cause

Contribute to a social cause

There are a lot of issues that are prevailing in the society, and some of them might need immediate attention. Such social issues can also be solved using the Internet as a medium. Most of the time, people would be waiting to listen to someone who would share credible information. Such things would always be valued, and especially when you are making noise regarding a social cause, then; you would become popular overnight.

3. Have your own website or a channel

There are a lot of people who start their websites to help people with different kinds of topics. There are different kinds of genres that one can use to have their websites. While a few choose to start their music websites and provide information regarding that, some of them might start a discussion on the same post, and this can become quite engaging. This will attract a lot of people and also help people to learn a lot of things on various subjects. Also, these forums would help a lot of people to gain knowledge as well. So, this is one of the important ways to contribute positively to society. 


4. Come up with live sessions to help the youth.

live sessions to help the youth

There is a lot of youth population in many countries, and they all are in need of knowledge. However, with the expansion and boom of technology, digitalization has reached almost everyone. Hence, facilitating live sessions for all these kids that are in the rural part of the country is one of the best ways to use the Internet and contribute to society.

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5. Create awareness regarding a certain topic

When you have a chance to speak and throw light on certain topics using the Internet, it has to be done effectively. Also, when there is something that needs immediate attention, it becomes important for everyone to resonate over the same thing. Spreading the word individually from one person to the other might not happen easily. Hence, using the Internet to spread this message effectively is quite possible. Hence, this is yet another way of using the Internet to contribute to society.

6. Make stories for children.

Make stories for children


You can always use the Internet to create stories for children and publish them. These can be inspiring stories with morals. When you do all these things, it is going to certainly help you to contribute towards the society using the Internet.

Well, these are some of the ways that one can think of contributing towards the society using the anonymous blog post. While some people would be pondering on how to effectively make use of the Internet, there are a few who would already be making the right usage of them already. We hope that this list would certainly inspire you to help the society in a positive manner using the Internet.