Reap the Advantages of Using Solo Ads for Marketing

Solo Ads for Marketing

There are several marketing techniques to promote your market or service but if you are looking for instant traffic increase, you can try solo ads. Solo ads  for marketing are email advertisement, where emails are sent to promote your products or services. Solo Ad providers have email lists of several niches such as technology, health, finance and more. 

You can buy email list of subscribers in your niche from reliable solo ad service providers. Then you can select the number of subscribers you want to send the email to. Targeting is of utmost importance when it comes to Solo ads, as if you have a health-related product, there is no point in promoting it to people who are interested in a finance related product. Therefore, the right list of subscribers is important for the success of solo ad marketing. 

Interested Subscribers

Interested Subscribers

Solo advertising is easy, affordable and profitable if done in the correct way. It is an effective way to reach people who have interest in your product or service. A lot many people across the world use email and the number of people will keep on rising every day. Research says that most mails sent are business mails. You may probably not know any adult or teenager who does not have an email account. Solo marketing ads sent through email is a personal way of reaching potential customers. 

New businesses or smaller businesses usually don’t have big bucks to spend on marketing. Marketing channels such as TV, print media etc. are expensive tools. Solo ad marketing is a very efficient tool for such businesses. While using social media platform for marketing, you address your audience as a whole but through email when done in the right way, you get to address each customer personally helping you build a relationship with them.

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Increase in Traffic


Mobile devices, being very common, allow people to check their mails anytime; be it a café, a grocery store or while waiting at a doctor’s office. Solo ads are sent as dedicated emails- so the entire email is only about your promotion. These mails are sent to those subscribers who may be interested in the product that you have to offer. The outstanding content in the email is the foremost thing that engages a customer, establishes your brand and improves your Google ranking. 

This increases traffic to your website resulting in higher profits.  Not using solo ads as a marketing tool makes you miss out a very important channel that almost everyone uses. 

Find a Professional Solo Ad Service Provider

As a business owner if you feel that solo ads are suitable for your business, you will have to look for a professional solo ad service provider. A solo ad service provider is a professional who owns email lists in various niches which you can rent for a specific amount. You can contact a solo ad provider and buy access to the list from their site. 

There is an option of buying by the number of subscribers the promotion email will be sent to or by how many clicks your email will get.  Look for a solo ad provider who is honest, affordable and efficient enough to get you more traffic. The provider should be able to provide a list, no matter what your business category is. The list must have genuine and active subscribers. 

You may come across some dubious solo ad providers who use bots or other unauthentic methods of creating traffic or subscribers who are not interested in your product. They only waste your time and money so stay away from them.

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Meet your Marketing Goals

 Marketing Goals

You can contact Petar Kostadinov of 7 Days Buyer. He has a team, who understands his client’s requirements and provides exactly that. You can check out solo ads from Petar, as he has perfectly arranged email lists of subscribers who are interested in the product or service you want to promote and is looking for a reliable brand to satisfy them. Sign up with Petar’s company to meet your marketing goal. His team is trained to look for customers who are ready to convert and need a trustworthy source to invest their money in.

Buy solo ads traffic from Petar, as his company is committed to deliver high-quality tier-1 traffic of subscribers from tier-1 countries like USA UK and more. Their confidence of delivering high quality traffic for your business makes them unique and different from other solo ad providers.  Petar guarantees that if you buy ads from him, you will experience an increase in genuine traffic within 24 hours. Petar solo ads promises to provide traffic that will convert to sales and help you meet your business goals. 

Choosing the right solo ad provider within your niche and at the right price is very important for your advertising campaign. Petar’s company offers more than what you need and that is what has made them leading solo ad providers.