Improve your Sketchup Modeling with a Few Easy Hints

Sketchup Modeling

If you are like the other Sketchup users out there, you didn’t take a full course in 3D modeling in how to use Sketchup. Nor did you borrow all the library books you could on the topic. You dove in headfirst and started trying the program out yourself, guessing on what each tool was for. But, in doing so, you will find you waste so much time. And, things that should be simple seem difficult.

Not to worry, you don’t need to give up on your dreams just yet. Here you will find a few hints to make your modeling with Sketchup online more relaxed and more efficient.

Use a 3-button Mouse

If you are going to use the software for your 3D modeling, then you want to get a 3-button mouse. Why? The middle scroll wheel is also a button to activate the orbit tool. But only for as long as you need to orbit, then it will deactivate and go back to normal. This shaves off a lot of time while working.

Memorize those Keyboard Shortcuts

Another way to save a lot of time and headache is memorizing the keyboard shortcuts. It may sound scary at first, but if you spend a lot of time switching your tools with your mouse, it slows you down. Take a few minutes now to memorize the shortcuts and save yourself hours later.

A Better Way to Make Multiple Copies

Forget what you knew about copy/paste, CTRL +, or CTRL + V. There’s a better way. First, select the desired object to copy, then using the Move Tool click once. Next hit CTRL. Now move it how far you want it from the original copy by typing in the distance that you want it to move and hit Enter. If you need multiple copies, type how many copies you want by typing your number with an asterisk. As an example, if you want five copies, you type 5*.

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Let the Tape Measure Tool Be Your Guide

Once you are up and running with your project, at some point, you will want to use specific dimensions. You can do that using the Tape Measure Tool to create a guide. Click on an edge with the tape measure tool activated. Then drag along the desired axis to make your guide. After that, all that you need is to type the distance you want the guide to be.

Don’t Hit the Red Button AKA Value Control Box (VCB)

At the right bottom corner, you will see a box with dimensions. That is the Value Control Box, and it shows the dimensions you are working with. A lot of people mistake this as the place you type in a dimension for your current tool, but it is not. Don’t hit it.

If you’ve already hit the VCB to type your dimensions in, don’t panic. Type a new set of dimensions in; then the software will resize it for you. The only caveat is, going forward, you will need to use manipulation tools if you need to adjust things.