Top Healthcare Plans To Invest in For a Secured Life

healthcare plans

The United Kingdom is one of the highest-ranked countries in the niche of healthcare systems. While the country boasts of a strong and well-founded public and private healthcare system, the country is also home to some of the world-class healthcare plans that offer confidence, comfort, and care at reasonable prices to patients.

Medical insurance or health insurance should be an integral part of your long-term expense plan because the policies help cover a considerable percentage of costs during medical emergencies.

Even though NHS has a free healthcare policy, a health insurance plan helps access treatment faster. You can choose from the different health insurance plans – individual, family, joint, and children health insurance policies.

Several factors affect a private healthcare plan – your age, your medical history, and that of your family, location, your credit score, your lifestyle, and your requirements. Healthcare plans are essential, but things can get complicated for people who have a low credit score because the low score can drive insurance companies away.

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Picking the right healthcare insurance can prove to be a bit tough, though, considering that there are some credible choices, and each of them seems just right for you and your close ones. It will help you tide over your financial contingencies. Let’s look at some of the excellent healthcare plans available in the UK, which would help you make a choice.

Top healthcare plans in the UK

Bupa Health Insurance

The insurance company is one of the biggest in the UK. The company offers four healthcare plans to individuals and corporates to help customers secure their lives during medical emergencies. The company offers:

  • Health insurance
  • Family health insurance
  • Business health insurance
  • Global health insurance
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Living up to its commitment to offer ‘pay as you go healthcare,’ Bupa UK health insurance is internationally ranked with a five-star rating.

The company has stakes in several private clinics and hospitals, one of the prime reasons behind its wide coverage of healthcare facilities. The company also offers customised tailor-made plans and packages, covering end-to-end services starting from diagnosis to treatment that has helped drive competitive advantage to its service offerings.

Bupa covers home and nursing care services, dental services, women’s care, with an extensive range of plans that help spread the everyday costs of a patient’s healthcare needs.

AXA UK PPP Health Insurance Policy

AXA is another top health insurance company in the UK, offering varied and vivid plans covering appointments, diagnosis, tests, medicines, and hospital stays.

The company offers premium choices of personal health insurance so that you can access specialists immediately and not wait for your turn. Besides viable healthcare plans, AXA PPP facilitates fast-track appointments, quick access to modern-age licensed cancer drugs, and a 24×7 helpline for immediate reverts.

AXA PPP is associated with about 250 hospitals across the US with over 36,500 specialists on board. There is personal insurance, family and children health insurance that also covers free coverage for new-born babies. With no-claims discounts and plenty of other rewards, there are varied ways that the company offers to keep the renewal cost of healthcare plans low.

Vitality Health Insurance

The insurance company is well-known for its support of health-related activities, especially sporting events. It offers different coverages to customers – one, where the plan helps understand the health of the customer with Vitality Healthcheck and Bluecrest Health screening.

The activity tracker also called the Vitality Member App, is a mindfulness app helping customers keep track of their health and well-being. In the process, they get to earn points and rewards.

Besides health insurance, there is life insurance, car insurance, and other investment opportunities that help customers comprehensively. The company also offers attractive options like cash backs, gym memberships, free Starbucks coffee, free cinema tickets, and more.

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You can also access General Practitioners in real-time via video chat. All of this makes healthcare plans from Vitality Health Insurance viable plans to invest in for a lifetime of safety and mental peace.

The Exeter

One of the foremost things that will strike you about Exeter is that it is owned by the customers themselves rather than separate stakeholders. That is why the company offers phenomenal healthcare insurance plans to its members because it does not need to pay dividends to its shareholders.

The Exeter offers health+ insurance plans for the individual and families. There are different protection plans too – Managed Life which is life cover for people with either Type 2 Diabetes or a high BMI.

You can access and use the HealthWise app that gives members free, ready-to-use real-life expert suggestions and help. For affordable health insurance plans, The Exeter can surely be considered.

You also benefit from mental health support, cancer cover, post-operative physiotherapy, and no company claim discount.

Aviva Health Insurance

Aviva is an international name in the field of health insurance. While there are various insurance plans, what is noteworthy is that the insurance company offers guidance to its members to the best specialists and hospitals in the UK. Also, there are multiple well-being services that the insurance company offers for its members to lead a healthy and happier life.

Cancer treatment is a special area of focus. You can start the claim process online with the platform offering a one-stop platform for all kinds of insurance plans and policies.

Aviva is the winner of the 2020 Provider Award (Health Insurance & Protection Award) in the Health Insurance & Protection Company of the Year and Best Individual PMI Provider. With 1.5 million customers, you know you are dealing with the best with Aviva.


It is crucial to invest in the right healthcare plan to have peace of mind for a secured life. If you have too many debts and wish to consolidate the same

before investing in a healthcare insurance plan for your loved ones, consider debt consolidation loans UK.