5 Best Movie Streaming Sites

5 Best Movie Streaming Sites

The millennial are looking for best movie streaming site to watch newly released movies and shows online. However, these websites do not have proper license to provide the services to the masses. The Government started an initiative to block the IP address and domain in their regions. There are a few sites available online that functions normally and the masses can watch movies, newly releases and shows for free.

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1. FMovies

FMovies is a popular source of entertainment and best alternative to CouchTuner that provided by anonymous administrators. The website is a one-stop source for new releases and old movies and no one can match the library. The library contains 41 countries, 41 languages, and various movies industry based movies. Browsing through the TV-series, you can find all new episodes of the latest series launched in 2019 or present date.

The latest releases might not come in 720P quality because they are either shot from a handy cam or a phone. However, the movies released in DVD quality in the market, you can watch them in 720P + 128 KBPS quality. In case, if you are looking for 1080P, then it is rare to find. Also, you have to bear the annoying pop-up advertisements and inappropriate ads showing up in the sidebar.

Check out FMovies (The latest site link available on WIKI)

2. LookMovie.ag

I started to look for a permanent site and I stumbled upon Look Movie, and it is a reliable source of entertainment. The administrator launched the site with the idea of “FREE FROM ADS” but they later injected infection in it, and you need an active Anti-virus program to keep Virus, Malware, and god knows what else it present there out of PC.

Look Movie offers wide-range of collection of old movies, shows and newly released films. I stumbled upon the site with an impression that it can deliver first-class service, and it indeed delivered it. From TV-series, Old Movies Newly releases, Best Entertainment movies and more are available on the platform. The administrator claims 1080P video quality, but it is rare and 720P is a common video quality available in all movies.

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I could not find pop-up advertisements this time around, but I do not recommend the visitors to access the site without security program.

Check out Look Movie

3. Yes Movies

Yes Movies is a popular portal for one-stop entertainment because it supports 14 different countries entertainment industry. You can watch newly released movies, old movies, TV-series,  and more. The site does offer 1080P quality, but it is rare and I found 720P, 480P, and 360P with 128 KBPS audio quality.

I am annoyed by the pop-up advertisements and we cannot blame the site administrators to taking this route. However, I recommend the visitors to install security program because my program detected & stopped virus.

Check out Yes Movies

4. F2 Movies

F2 Movies is a new releases portal, where the viewers can find newly released movies such as Alitia, Avengers, Spiderman, and more. The website does not provide genres, browsing options, and others because they concentrate newly released films only.

The video quality might not exceed high-quality resolution because they are taken from a smartphone or handy cam. However, the picture quality and audio quality is good enough for movie lovers. I come across advertisements as well, which is a primary source of monetization for the administrators.

You can watch movies from ten (industries) different countries such as Asia, Euro, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, United Kingdom, Korea, and France. The video quality and audio quality does not exceed above 720P + 128 KBPS.

Check out F2 Movies


VMOVEE is an alternative entertainment portal for the masses. The website administrators designed the site for beginners and you have BROWSE option that enables the viewers to access content. You can watch newly released movies, HD movies, and TV-series. VMOVEE supports multiple country movie & TV industry, so you can watch favourite native shows in high-quality.

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Coming to the audio and video quality, you can watch 720P + 128 KBPS movies and the administrators used Open Load player in the process. However, I am not happy with the monetization method because it’s not optimized for family-friendly. The viewers have to bear pop-up advertisements and a few advertisements were 18+ games with visual presentation in multiple occasions.

Check out VMOVEE

BONUS: CouchTuner

CouchTurner is a TV-series oriented streaming site, and the majority of the collection consists of TV-series. The administrator offers English based shows only and they can come from any country such as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Netflix originals and more.

In several cases, the administrators add a download link instead of a video player. However, the library updated frequently depending on the release of the episodes. Typically, the managers take around one or two hours to upload the content after official TV release.

Coming to the video + audio, viewers can watch the steam in 720p + 128 kbps quality, and it can go higher depending on the availability. The administrator selected pop-up advertisements and sketchy ad network. Make sure to keep antivirus program on and avoid clicking on images on the site.

Always click on the link I have highlighted in the snapshot. The rest of the images are advertisements of sketchy advertisements network.

Check Out CouchTurner

Bottom Line

I inform the viewers that these sites are illegal and if you can afford, then we recommend subscribing to Amazon PRIME or other premium service. Also, subscribe to Windows or Mac security program because these sites enabled cheap advertisement network, where they can inject Virus, Malware, and other threats into PC & phones.

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