11 Productivity Hacks and Time Management Tips to Make The Most of Your Daily Routine

11 Productivity Hacks and Time Management Tips to Make

Just wondering how to increase your productivity and make the most of every single moment of your day? Productivity and Time Management go hand in hand. If you are able to manage your time as per your priorities and workload then it is assured that your productivity will definitely get increased. Here are some of the proved productivity hacks that will help you out. Just follow them with honesty.

1. Create a List

This comes first in the list of productivity hacks. By creating a checklist in order to get your work done, you create a rewarding system, and then you’ll see that you have been more productive and motivated. Another main reason for making a checklist is to stay focused; jotting all the tasks down actually helps you create priorities and handle your work well. It is said that your memory can grasp around seven items of information just at once, so by prioritising you will be able to organise what’s more important. You can use mobile apps and technology, which will help you in creating your to-do list in just a few minutes and subsequently tick the items off as complete them. This will assist you to use your memory more competently and activate the reward systems centres to release that dopamine boost which will keep you encouraged. 

2. Prioritise based on the three most important tasks every morning

Having ambiguity on work days kills productivity. Every morning you should prioritise the top three tasks for the day. Write and use more than a three-word description of the tasks you plan on doing for the day. This is one of the most important productivity hacks in the list.

 3. Set Goals

11 Productivity Hacks and Time Management Tips to Make

It is imperative to be productive and to stay motivated. You should have real, tangible goals so that you can walk towards your aim. Your goals define your motivation. Studies have shown that the people who set some objectives will definitely be more successful as a result. Personal goals should be genuine and specific to you and not be influenced by what your friends or family want to achieve for you. It is very easy to be persuaded by the beliefs of others, so much that we sometimes forget expectations from ourselves. So it is a must to take time out to think about your personal goals and realistic plans of how to achieve them.

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You can break your objectives up into daily goals which will help you work in an efficient manner to get the best results.

4. Two-Minute Rule

You will have small tasks popping up throughout your day, but you should not waste your time figuring out whether you should do them or not. Instead, see if it is possible to complete the task in less than 2 minutes. Since it takes only two minutes, you won’t feel like you have wasted your time. If the task cannot be done within two minutes, add the task to your to-do list (below your top three tasks for the day and finish it later.

5. Learning to say NO

You can stop additional responsibilities to your existing tasks when you know it’s too much for you to handle. It is recommended that you must limit yourself to a certain number of tasks/responsibilities for a week and say no to the rest. Following this will be difficult, but by saying no, you are simplifying your life. Start small by saying no to yourself once a week. Try it once and build up your resolve from there. Do so only when the work is too much to handle and let it not become a habit. Saying NO is a habit followed by most of the successful people and hence it has been included in the list of productivity hacks.

6. Complete Correlated Tasks Together

It is recommended that you do the tasks which are interconnected to each other, together rather than working on the tasks separately as you will be losing crucial time on every task. This is called the batch process where similar tasks are done together to save time. Start by identifying the activities that can be done together and start working on them.

7. Note it down

When you try to remember everything you need to do in a day, you are very likely to end up with a lot of unfinished tasks. Do not risk it and create a notepad to write down everything you need to remember.

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You can note it down in a notebook or use an app on your Smartphone, but keeping these written tasks close and updated is a must.

8. Take out time to plan

By planning out your work, you will be simplifying your life and increasing your productivity. Set aside planning time on weekends, Where you should plan out your next week. You should also spend 10 minutes each morning planning out your day. This way you will be surprised at how many more things you are able to get done by following your plan. 

We waste a huge amount of time just deciding what we should do next. Keep yourself sharper by planning before the week starts and simply following the plan.

9. Reduce tech distractions


11 Productivity Hacks and Time Management Tips to Make

In the case of all forms of incoming communications, we seem to be well trained to be responding quickly. Be it emails or replies to text messages, we seem to feel we need to be responding to everything right then and there. 

So by setting alerts to only emails, you will be more focused on work and everything else will be secondary. By achieving a state of flow, we are much likely to work better.

10. Let go of complaints

It is natural for us to feel the need to vent out and express our feelings about things that bother us. Many times, this venting out is a proactive way of dealing with it and other times it can be a real energy drainer that brings everyone around you down and affects your productivity and creativity.

So it is recommended that you save your energy by focusing on creating positive change. When you see that there is no fix to a problem, focus on doing what you do well and keeps you happy. By doing so, you are more likely find a solution to your problem instead of complaining your way further away from a solution.

11. Stop Multitasking

By multitasking, you might feel like you are getting more work done, but what is actually happening is that it is only slowing you down and making your work harder. It is recommended that you focus on getting one task done, and then move onto the next thing. This will help you clear your mind and help you focus better. 

Follow these simple productivity hacks and witness a transformation in your life.