The Growth of Indian Online Casino Streamers and Their Influence

The popularity growth of the online gambling industry in India is pretty noticeable. Every month, the growing online casinos in India appear on the market. But we believe that’s not the only reason that industry has become that strong! One of the reasons why residents of India gamble online are strict laws that prohibit traditional gambling. 

In recent years, many online casino streamers strongly influence society. They regularly publish content on streaming platforms while playing different casino games. Apart from that, they often review casino games and gambling sites themselves and educate people. 

Streamers Aren’t from India

Even though online casino streams have appeared in India doesn’t mean their creators are located there. As we said, gambling is illegal in most areas of India. That’s why sharing content like that on the territory of India isn’t allowed. Things will probably change soon, but the situation is currently the same. 

But, in the 21st century, YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms have given us access to content all around the globe. That is the reason why people in India can easily watch streams published by influencers in the gambling world. 

How Do Popular Streamers Influence People in India?

Without any doubt, people recording themselves while playing slots, roulette, or anything else inspire people to test their luck. However, these streamers are also big supporters of responsible gambling. They do understand that some people end up with addiction problems. That’s why you will never hear them convincing people to gamble or telling them it is a great source of income. 

Apart from that, they have a lot of experience and money, allowing them to gamble with larger amounts. Their expertise lets them know which casinos and games deserve people’s attention. If you plan to participate in the iGaming industry (even with small amounts), it would be good to check out the tips they have. Plus, many of them are very communicative. You may get the chance to interact with them. 

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Most Influential Online Casino Streamers in India

The number of online casino streamers in the world is smaller than you think. But the influence of the existing ones is so strong that it easily reached the Indian audience. We can’t neglect some of them are irresponsible. That’s why we would like to highlight those online casino streamers worth your attention. Let’s go!


Swedish casino experts (read: brothers) stand behind the CasinoDaddy channel. They regularly publish content on Twitch and YouTube. These guys often spend their time playing different slot games in Lucky Block casino. Based on our research, they are mostly focused on particular games such as Mad Cards, Wild Falls, and San Quentin. So far, their biggest win has been 569 thousand dollars. 

There are two impressive things about this channel. First, they do not place the largest bets as some other streamers. You can hear them saying that gambling is just a source of fun all the time. On the other hand, they regularly organize different giveaways for their most loyal customers. Sometimes, the giveaways have a value of up to 10 thousand dollars.


Roshtein is almost an identical channel to the previous one. Roshtein is a passionate gambler from Sweden that also prefers to gamble at Lucky Block casino. He is also a huge fan of slots. His favorite games are Gates of Olympus, Wanted Dear or a Wild, etc. However, he likes to risk a bit more than the brothers from the previous channel. But it turns out that his risks pay off from time to time. That is the reason why his biggest win is nearly 9 million dollars.

However, Rosthein regularly talks about his long experience in the iGaming industry. To be precise, he has been regularly playing slots and other games for more than 6 years. That’s why he regularly reminds people that the risks should only be taken if the players themselves can afford to do that. It is something we respect!

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If you are not only interested in slots, then xQc may be an interesting channel. The name of the person behind this channel is Felix Lengyel. He is a Canadian streamer who has been regularly streaming his casino games since 2018. Currently, he has nearly 12 million followers on Twitch. 

Indeed, slots are his favorite game. Sometimes, the value of one of his bets is 50 thousand dollars. But he also likes to focus on other games, such as roulette and blackjack. According to our research, his biggest win was nearly 2.5 million dollars. Yet, we must admit he regularly talks about his ability to spend that much. He will never suggest people take risks if they can’t afford it. 


Seven experienced gamblers are publishing content on ClassyBeef. But you won’t find their channel on YouTube. They regularly publish live streams only on Twitch. Their content mostly focuses on slots, especially games like Book of Dead and Joker Bombs. We are sure you will have quite fun while watching their streams. These guys are crazy and often laugh a lot while playing slots. Their sense of humor is great. 

Believe it or not, these guys’ biggest win was 7.5 million dollars. Yet don’t get too excited because of that. They often risk a lot, but they can afford to do that. 

Daniel Negreanu

The previous channels from this list were mostly focused on slots. Daniel Negreanu publishes a bit different type of content. He is a professional poker player. His expertise are Omaha and Texas Hold ’em poker. He regularly publishes vlogs with tips on how people can raise their chances of winning. His passion for poker should not surprise us when we put into consideration he is located in Las Vegas, USA. His biggest win so far has been 8.2 million dollars. That only confirms he really knows what he is doing. 


The influence of all these people is pretty strong on the Indian community. Their content has certainly made online gambling more popular in the entire region. We are sure the gambling laws will change soon in India and make online gambling more flexible for everyone.