How to Build Home Addition in Naperville

Home Addition in Naperville

When buying or building a private house, it is not always possible to plan the usable space in the required square feet. If there is still space on the territory, property owners often decide to make home addition in Naperville, the purpose of which may be different. In any case, such a solution will cost less than redeveloping a house.

Home Addition Ideas

In most cases, an extension is understood as a useful room. This could be:

Entrance lobby with a porch

This is one of the most compact forms of extensions to the house, which is a concrete porch made of monolith or blocks, possibly with or a small veranda. Transparent or translucent walls made of glass or composite polymers look spectacular. Thinking over home addition services in Naperville, lots of citizens prefer this idea.

Roof Terrace

It does not have to be concrete, the base can remain natural – soil with grass or crushed stone. The canopy itself rests on supports that must be installed opposite the wall. Backstopping on one side occurs by fixing fasteners or a load-bearing lintel to the wall, on the other – on concrete posts. For convenience, you can mount transparent polycarbonate walls, make a railing resting on pillars in concrete or in the ground, and you get a veranda at home.

The summer room requires a foundation, walls with a window and a roof. It increases the useful living area of ​​the cottage during the warm season. The material can be different.

A Garage

A garage or utility section is the most common type of extension. Due to the presence of a finished wall, there is a savings in construction costs compared to the construction of a free-standing structure. For the garage, they use mainly concrete blocks, brick or monolith, or other material, which is more suitable for utility rooms. A type foundation that can withstand the weight of the vehicle is required for the arrangement.

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Home addition services in Naperville are giving an opportunity to receive an extension to the house with the possibility of operation throughout the year. This can be a detached kitchen-dining area or living room. The construction will require a full range of works from laying the foundation and erecting walls to insulation and carrying out the necessary communications – heating, water supply, lighting.

So that it is recommended to make the buildings in the same style. Home addition should be built in the same style. For example, to attach a veranda or a storage room to a log or block house. A beautiful terrace with a large porch will look good with a block house with any finish.

Construction Work

When you have decided on the purpose of the extension and the material for its construction, you can proceed with the design and installation work.

First of all, it is necessary to draw up a diagram of the room, determine the type and size of the foundation. It will not be superfluous to contact specialists who, using the method of calculations, will determine the possibility of installing the desired structures.

If possible, the foundation should be made independent with its own closed contour. In this case, the house structure will not tolerate load redistribution and will continue to work in the same mode. It is strictly forbidden to make an independent insert into an existing tape without the consent of the designer.

You can build an extension for any purpose from the available materials if you order home addition services, choosing a bona fide company. If you think over all the details from the project to the final finishing in advance, the results will be positive. By adhering to the simple rules that we have given, you can increase the usable area of ​​your home in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities.