The 8 mistakes not to commit on Instagram

If you start on Instagram, we propose in this article the errors not to commit on your account so as not to harm your company.

# 1 – Do not let yourself go

Of course, as a company, you have not chosen to create an Instagram account to have fun but to improve your business. But you must take into account the expectations of users of this social network. Internet users hate to have a product or a service, so be sure to offer content that gives them more value than a regular ad.

Vary the proposed content without forgetting to promote your business, do not hesitate to offer creative visuals and share in stories a little more personal things about your company.

# 2 – Do not post just to post

You will surely read everywhere that if you post every day, your results will grow on Instagram. If regular content is to be your goal, you should not impose a pace of posts at all costs. Indeed, it is more important and more effective for your strategy to offer useful and interesting content for users rather than posts created quickly. Before you post something on your account, you should always ask yourself if it will bring something to your prospects and if it will contribute to their attachment to your business.

# 3 -Take a lot of attention to the quality of your images

It will never be repeated, Instagram is a network based solely on the image. With over 800 million users today, you cannot allow the posting of images that are not rewarding for your business. What you propose on Instagram will be associated with the quality of work of your company, blurred photos will give you a bad image.

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You must offer the best possible content, if your content is not excellent you will not attract the real Instagram followers, you may even lose.

# 4 – Do not copy

If you can take inspiration from other accounts to feed your profile you absolutely must not copy their contents completely. You will not bring any value to your subscribers and you will not reflect the image and values ​​of your company. These two conditions are essential for your presence on Instagram to earn you money.

# 5- Do not rest without citing the source

Reposting third-party content is part of a winning strategy on Instagram, but only if you indicate the author on the image and / or description.

You would not want to be a thief to your target and your customers. On Instagram the rule is simple: you create or display credits.

# 6- Watch out for hashtags

It is common to see accounts use hashtags in their descriptions without knowing their meaning perfectly, just because they are popular, thus thinking of increasing their audience. 

If you are not sure of the meaning of a popular word or hashtag, do not use it without checking. You risk being simple opportunists in the eyes of Instagramers or worse surfing a trend that is not at all in line with the philosophy of your company and therefore risking bad buzz.

On the other hand, if you want to have a chance to develop your visibility, do not forget to include hashtags in your descriptions.

# 7- Do not give up your followers

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Once you’ve invested Instagram, you’ll be quick to increase your engagement on your account. Know that for this you will have to commit yourself too. 

If your followers ask you questions in comments or private messages, you must reply to them to start a relationship with them. It is the nonequivalent condition for them to come back and re-engage with your content. 

You can start by planning a few minutes a day to check your account and answer any questions or requests. 

# 8- Do not forget the link in your bio

There is not a lot of place on Instagram where you can refer people to your site. Do not miss this valuable link to allow your followers to go further in your relationship.

These few rules will allow you to build a sustainable strategy on Instagram by avoiding traps.