What space movie came out in 1992?

what space movie came out in 1992

Cinephiles around the globe have always been curious to visit every beautiful piece of cinematic creation that has ever been made. They always keep on looking for new platforms and genres to get what makes them hooked on them. Genre is a very important aspect of any movie that gets released and that is what becomes a major reason for its mass appeal.

Science fiction has been one such genre that has always been a success mantra for movie makers. And within science fiction, space-based movies have always been on the top, since they first started coming out. Some stellar examples are Interstellar, 2001: A space odyssey, Star Wars, and many more.

Here, we are going to talk about space movies particularly made in the year 1992. In case you are curious about what space movie came out in 1992, then there is only one name you will get all over the global network on the internet. The name might be a little unbelievable but ‘Gayniggers from outer space, it is. So, let us know more about What space movie came out in 1992!

what space movie came out in 1992

The title says it all

Going by the title, I don’t think it would be that hard to figure out bits and pieces of the plot of this movie. The name sounds a bit controversial with its race-discriminating title with a blend of homosexuality being depicted. The release date of this movie seems a little too early for a movie or more of a short film of this title.

This science fiction short film was in the Danish-English language. It was directed by a Danish director named Morten Lindberg. The film was not for all sorts of audiences. It was an adult short film and had some explicit content that was strictly for the mature audience. There were some other adult aspects of this short movie, like the plot of it.

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The plot of ‘Gayniggers’

The plot of this short film revolves around a group of homosexual men, black in their race and from across galaxies. They were termed intergalactic, which is depicting them as people traveling from galaxy to galaxy with a purpose in their head. They belong to a planet named ‘Anus’ and are taken by surprise when they see women present on their visit to earth. As the film proceeds slowly, they start eliminating the females present on this planet.

Metaphorically it was targeted at depicting the freeing of the supposedly oppressed population of males on this earth. What is even more humorous is that they even leave behind an ambassador. The ‘Gay Ambassador’ left behind was aimed to provide the essential knowledge of their new way of life after the vanishing of all the females on earth.

To put all of it in a box, here is what we can say about the plot of the movie. The movie centers on a gang of interplanetary black homosexual guys from the planet Anus who learn that there are feminine species on Earth. They proceed to use rayguns to wipe out Earth’s female population one by one, earning the goodwill of the previously persecuted male population. They send a “Gay Ambassador” to Earth before they depart to inform people about their new way of life.

It was altogether a never-thought-of plot and was new to the audience of the film community. You must be wondering, how the movie was received by the audience at the time of its release.

Reception by the audience

According to critics, the movie is a “queer-interest Dutch, B-rated movie in the hyper-transgressive tradition of John Waters,” and it was popular with “nerdy white males” who enjoyed the blaxploitation genre. In the 2000s, the Internet troll organization Gay Nigger Association of America utilized the movie in a recruitment drive.

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The community had mixed feeling toward the film but the community supporting this genre seemed to have liked this unique concept. It was a thing that was never explored before this short film in the world of short films and science fiction.

In a manner reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz, the movie starts in black and white before switching to color. This was a “dramatic special effect,” according to director Morten Lindberg, to show “the globe being released from wicked women”. Apart from all these aspects, credit should be given to the cast of this movie.

what space movie came out in 1992


Credit should be given to the cast of this movie for having the courage to touch on such a controversial concept. Moreover, even commendable is their depiction in the short film. The cast was filled with.

  • ArmInAss, played by Coco P. Dalbert
  • B. Dick, played by Sammy Saloman
  • Gerald F. Hail playing D.Ildo
  • Shaved Balls played by Sgt. Gbartokai Dakinah
  • Schwul, played by Konrad Fields
  • As a Black Gay Ambassador, Johnny Conny
  • As a White Gay Ambassador, Tony Thomas

As much as I am interested to watch this movie, the complete opposite is my interest in suggesting it to someone.

what space movie came out in 1992

What space movie came out in 1992 – A final review

Whether or not you should be watching this movie depends totally on what kind of audience you are. If you like exploring new plots with a unique concept, then you find a little time to give it a watch. Moreover, the running time of this movie is just 26 minutes which won’t take long to cover.

Once again, it is a cautious warning that the content of this, though the title sounds funny is only for the mature audience. The names of the characters are also a sarcastic satire on the terminologies of various homosexuality and other adult material, best not to mention. And this article was an attempt to provide light on this movie’s existence. Now, it is up to you whether to watch the movie or not.