How do you remove dried blood from carpets?

How do you remove dried blood from carpets?

When you thought things couldn’t get any worse, you notice a patch of blood settle on your carpet. Blood stains, like red wine and coffee stains, can be difficult to remove, wet or dry. 

When an accident occurs, take inventory of your cleaning materials and select one of these tried-and-true solutions. They are equally effective even if you’re dealing with a dried blood stain.

Dried blood may appear to stain your carpet permanently, but this is not always the case. While it may seem a difficult chore, you can eradicate blood stains from the carpet in no time with the appropriate cleaning products and a bit of elbow grease.

You will not only save money on pricey carpet changes, but you will also save the trouble of installing a new carpet placed.

Though most carpets have anti-stain treatment, some human fluids, such as blood stains, cosmetics, drinks, and meals, may leave colors that irritate you. When the proper tools and procedures are used, it is usually simple to get blood out of carpets and remove the blood stain.

We recommend hiring a professional cleaning service to remove blood stains from your carpet. Never use chlorinated or bleaching solutions to remove blood from carpets since they may stain your carpet.

If you’re curious how to remove blood from carpet, this article will teach you all you need to know.

How to Get Rid of Dried Blood Stains on Carpet

Gather the ingredients and cleaning supplies first. Make sure you have a white cloth and a spray bottle available.

  • Solution of Water and Dish Detergent

Shake a spray bottle filled with cold water and dish detergent. Sprinkle the dry blood spots with the solution and proceed to run the white cloth over them. Use a new cloth as the blood moves to it to avoid blood from spreading somewhere else on your carpet.

  • Vinegar with Baking Soda

If washing and dish detergent are ineffective, you may need to learn how to remove old dried traces of blood from the carpet using different cleaning chemicals. Baking soda and vinegar are involved here.

In a spray bottle, combine water and vinegar. Make use of chilly water. Then, spray baking soda over the dried blood stain. Spritz the entire surface with the water and baking soda combination when you’re finished.

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You’ll observe that the vinegar and baking soda react, fizzing. Allow drying before vacuuming. If you still see dried blood, dab it with vinegar and baking soda and wipe it with a clean towel.

  • Paste of salt

A salt paste is another effective method for eliminating driving blood from carpets. Combine cold water and salt to make a paste, then apply to your carpet. Allow it to dry before wiping it down with a white towel.

  • Peroxide of Hydrogen

Try hydrogen peroxide if nothing else has worked to remove dried blood stains from the carpet. Apply a small amount to the stain and leave it for an hour. Blot it dry until the stain is lifted from your carpet.

Use caution while using any of these treatments, especially if you have children or pets on your carpet since some of these components can be hazardous if consumed. If everything else fails, use a professional carpet cleaning service to remove dried blood spots from the carpet.

Whether you use baking soda and vinegar or a salt solution, there are several methods for cleaning your carpets and removing dried blood. You may begin cleaning those unsightly stains now that you can remove dried blood from the carpet.

The expert’s guide is to remove blood from the carpet.

  • Remove any excess blood from the carpet.

If the bloodstain is new, wipe it away with a dry, white cloth or non-dyed absorbing paper. You can, for example, gently dab the blood stain with kitchen paper towels.

Please do not rub as this may aggravate the blood stain. Instead, blot the stain, and then proceed to the following step in our guide on cleaning blood from a carpet.

  • Using lukewarm water, dissolve the blood stain.

The next step in removing blood from carpets is to apply ice water to the spot of blood without soap, washing powder, liquid detergent, or any similar agents. 

It is critical to use cool washed to dissolve blood from carpets since warm water causes blood to clot faster, making stain removal more difficult. Dab the region lightly with a moist towel, then blot with a dry, white cloth to absorb as much liquid as possible.

  • Use potato starch to remove the discoloration.
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After lukewarm water has been used to dissolve the blood stain on your carpet, apply potato starch to the stain and allow it to dry for 24 hours before cleaning.

Most of the time, the first three steps in this article will be enough to get the blood out of the carpet – but if you’re still not satisfied, carry on to step #4 below for additional methods to remove blood from the carpet.

  • On the blood stain, use a carpet stain remover.

Try a universal stain-removing solution if the blood stain on your carpet is still not entirely gone after dissolving it in water and potato starch. 

This is a little tougher on your carpets, so use caution while cleaning blood stains from carpets with stain-removing solutions. For further information, consult the product’s directions for usage.

Tips to remove dried blood from carpet

If first aid measures 1–4, do not remove the blood stain from your carpet; perform the following: Dab with a towel soaked in cold water and salt solution (2 tbsp. salt per liter of water). Treatment should not be performed in wet locations. Instead, the region should be allowed to dry before applying the special agent.

If the treatment leaves a mark, it might mean that the carpet is generally dirty and needs to be cleaned. If the stain reappears after treatment, it is typically due to the presence of residual stain-removing chemical or stain residue in the carpet. 


Your carpet will retain its appearance and wonderful features for many years if properly maintained and cleaned.

The good news is that most bloodstains may be readily removed with materials found in your bathroom or kitchen. If none of the above procedures work to remove blood from your carpet, you may need to hire a professional carpet cleaning.