Maya Sandiford Artest: Everything You Need To Know

Maya Sandiford Artest

If you stay aware of all pop culture updates, you probably have heard of Metta Sandiford Artest. And if you know of him, you must have heard of his wife, Maya Sandiford Artest.

Maya is most famous for being married to Metta, but there’s more to her than meets the eye. She has her own life and career, which she takes seriously.

Most people know her only as a wife but if you wish to know her in detail, keep reading.

Maya Sandiford Artest

Who is Maya Sandiford Artest?

Metta Sandiford Artest, or as he was previously known, Ronald William Artest Jr is a famous basketball player who married Maya Sandiford Artest in 2018. The professional basketball player has had other partners in the past, but his relationship with Maya is one people really admire and talk about.

Coming to Maya, is a Canadian model. Besides being a supportive partner to Metta, she has made some names as s model and as an internet personality.

Maya Sandiford age

Private information like age of Maya Sandiford Artest is not known. Her exact age is not made public information yet. We need to remember that Maya wasn’t really someone who grew up in fame or chose the celebrity life a long time ago. Thus, it is perfectly natural of her to keep some information about herself private. After all, being married to somebody famous has put her under the spotlight, and a lot of her life is already displayed on the internet.

We cannot confirm a number when it comes to Maya’s age, but she is somewhere in her early thirties according to sources.

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Maya Sandiford Artest ethnicity

Maya grew up in Canada but is not just Canadian. Her father is of Japanese ethnicity which makes her Japanese-Canadian.

Maya Sandiford Artest family

Maya is daughter to Michelle Sandiford and Hirata Fuminori. She also has a younger brother, Shay Sandiford. They both grew up in a healthy households with loving parents. Right now, Maya’s brother is a model.

Maya Sandiford Artest career

We do not really know much about Maya’s career. And that is simply because she has chosen to keep inflation regarding her career, private. As a lot of her life is on display online after marrying the popular basketball player, Metta Sandiford, this is probably something she’d rather keep private.

But we do know that Maya Sandifor Artest is a model. Sources say that there are probably other jobs she does as well but nothing can be said for sure. But whatever she does, she looks to be doing good career-wise and that’s all that matters.

Maya Sandiford Artest

Maya Sandifor Artest relationship

Maya got married to Metta Sandiford Artest in 2018, and they have been living happily as a couple ever since. The couple doesn’t have any children together yet. There are no names known of Maya’s past partners before Metta.

The couple may not be parents to a child together but Metta does have four children. If you know him for some time, you must know that he has a son with his former high school girlfriend, Jennifer Palma. And then has three children with his former wife, Kimsha Hatfield, one daughter and two sons. His relationship with his former partners might have not worked out, but he is a good father to his children.

If we are talking about Maya, we might as well talk a little about Metta Sandiford Artest.

Maya Sandiford Artest’s husband Metta Sandiford Artest

Metta is a forty-two-year-old former professional basketball player who attained great fame in his career. He is retired mow but during his time, he was one of the most successful players.

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Metta’s first legal name was Ronald William Artest Jr. He is from New York and grew up with two brothers. Metta or Roland started playing basketball at a young age and got drafted to the Chicago Bulls in 1999. And ever since then, he has had a very impressive career.

Metta Sandiford Artest has played for six teams including Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers and San Diego Kings.

The name change

Metta Sandifor Artest had a different name till 2011. But he wanted to change his name from Ronald to something else. In 2011, he legally changed his name to Metta World Peace. Now this one, unfortunately, was not liked by the public. The fact that a person’s name would have the term ‘World Peace’ did not sit well with people. And thus, in 2020, he changed his name to Metta Sandiford Artest. He also took his wife’s surname to honor their relationship. This, however was well liked by everyone, and thus it has stuck as his legal name.

Maya Sandiford Artest

Maya Sandiford Artest net worth

Information regarding her net worth is unknown. Sources have been unable to confirm a number as her net worth. This is probably because she lives a very private life. But looking at her projects as a model and her life online, Maya Sandiford Artest seems to be doing good financially. It is also known that she has multiple income sources, hence, it’s most probable that her net worth is a few thousand dollars.

Final thoughts

We read a lot about famous athletes but barely know anything about their family. And even when we know their spouses, we do not really delve deep into who they are as individuals. We hope that you have enjoyed reading about Maya Sandiford Artest and found this article on her informative. She has an identity of her own even after being an amazing wife to her husband. If you wish to know more about her, check out her Instagram account.

What did you think of Maya? Let us know in the comments below.