What Is Critical Illness Insurance?

Illness Insurance

If you’ve ever encountered someone with a severe or long-term disorder, you must be aware of the expense it can pull up. The treatment modes for such conditions are often too much to handle, which is where critical illness insurance comes in. With such a secure insurance plan set up as a safety net, your finance can be easily balanced in case of such adversities, for they are often unexpected. Here is all you need to know about critical illness insurance and why you should have one up your sleeve.

What is critical illness insurance?

As a general definition, a critical illness policy is a specially designated health insurance plan to provide comprehensive healthcare coverage for acute illnesses like heart diseases, paralysis, stroke, kidney disorders, associated surgeries, etc., which are prone to occur throughout life.

Most companies that offer critical illness insurance in Guelph generally cover over 50 illnesses at the least, and most general health insurances also touch upon these vital diseases. Though these plans might protect them, availing of a separate health insurance package for severe conditions gives you the benefits of maximum coverage of expenses in dire need.

Is critical illness insurance worth it?

Critical illnesses often put individuals in a compromised position finance-wise, as their income and expenditure could be more balanced. Especially if you are the family’s sole breadwinner, such a plan might be huge to your benefit, as it provides a safety fund for the maintenance of your family.

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What is considered a critical illness in Guelph?

A critical illness is any health-related condition that can affect or impair an individual’s everyday lifestyle. It often incurs a huge treatment cost with additional loss of working hours and income. Most leading service providers have a list of disorders that qualify as critical illnesses, and their policies are bound to only those on this list.

How to claim critical illness insurance?

The critical illness insurance covers are alternatively called riders. You can easily avail them upon the occurrence of a critical illness. Here, the insurance service company takes up the burden of making the hospital payout for all charges under terms of the acute disease. You can avail of this fund upon diagnosing a critical condition already in the policy’s predetermined list of severe infections.

How is the insurance utilized?

You can simply take a critical illness rider upon your preexisting life insurance plan to avoid the financial burden of a severe health condition. According to the policy, the amount provided to the individual is based on the sum of money assigned to the set critical illness. It is often different from the basic sum assured by compulsory health insurance. The designated cash is given to the person, regardless of its use. 


Having a set plan for life insurance, including critical health conditions, provides an added security measure to ensure constant protection for you and your family from a financial point of view, which is inevitable for survival. Hence it is highly beneficial to take up appropriate policies that suit their health standards and livelihood.

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