How Much Does Family Health Insurance Cost?


Are you considering getting a family health insurance policy? If you want to have access to private healthcare, it is best to have a policy that is going to support you and the treatment you need. Even just having a policy means that you can bypass the long and frustrating NHS waiting times. But, if you are going to get family health insurance, you need to make sure you know everything first.

Namely, you need to pay attention to the policy you are getting. You want to read all of the terms and conditions so that you know what to expect. In particular, you should be aware of how much this policy is going to cost. This way, you are able to budget for it and ensure you can pay the bill. Let’s take a closer look at how much family health insurance can cost.

How Much is Family Health Insurance?

Two families can have the same policy from the same provider and they can pay a different price. This is because every policy is personalised to your needs. This means that the price you pay can only be estimated. You will have to get a quote for your family health insurance policy. 

The average amount that a family will pay is around $126 or £241 per month. Again, this is only an estimate, and you are best getting a quote. You can head to to get a quote for family health insurance. You can see the different options you have and what each provider is able to give you.

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How Are Family Health Insurance Policies Priced?

As we have mentioned, every family is going to pay something slightly different for their policy. This is due to their individual needs and details. Let’s break it down and see how different providers price their policies.

Your Postcode

In order to get a health insurance policy, you will need to detail where you live. In particular, your postcode can have an effect on the price you are going to pay for the policy. After all, it will affect the hospitals and treatment clinics available to you.

The Number of People

Of course, something else that is going to affect the price of family health insurance is how many people are on the policy. For example, if there are three people, this might be cheaper than having six people on a policy with a provider.

The Ages

Personal details about each person included on the policy will be necessary. This is going to include the ages of each person. Generally, the younger you are, the cheaper you are going to be. For example, children tend to be cheaper than adults.

Current Health

Let’s not forget that the current health of each person on the policy is going to be important. If you are healthy, this is going to bring down the price of the overall policy. But, if you have had health problems in the past or you are a smoker, this is something that can increase the price of the family health insurance policy.

The Cover

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The cover you choose is going to directly influence the price. For example, if you are getting the basic cover, this is going to be cheaper than more extensive options. You will have to think about the needs of your family and what you are going to benefit from the most. After all, the cheapest will not always be the best for you.

In addition, there are optional extras that you can add to your policy. This can mean that you are covered for things like dental treatment and when you are travelling. Just note that the optional extras are going to increase the price of your policy.

How You Are Paying

Sometimes, the way you pay for your family health insurance policy will affect how much it is. For example, there are some providers that will give you a better price when you pay annually. Alternatively, you might be charged slightly more if you pay monthly. But, this can also many the premiums easier to pay for your family.