What is Bonus Hunting and How to Do It

Bonus Hunting

What is Bonus hunting which is common among bettors who bet online. Since today almost all players have moved to the Internet, bonus hunting has also become extremely popular. In this article, Telecomasia will tell you what it is and how to do it.

The term “bonus hunting” itself means earning income with the help of bonuses, which are offered to their customers by online bookmakers.

Every year hundreds of new bookmaker companies create sites that want to make their activities as profitable as possible. Of course, the number of bettors is also increasing, but not as fast as the bookmakers would like.

To expand the client base, each office is constantly improving the services offered, expanding the line, adding new games to the online casino. But one of the main ways to attract new players is a cash bonus or some other incentive. Most often, companies offer a welcome bonus to those who have just signed up and have funded their gaming account for the first time.

Some bettors manage to make money only on such bonus offers and promotions. This is bonus hunting in its purest form. These players themselves are called bonus hunters.

Bookmaker companies do not welcome this activity. Since players receive bonuses and no longer place bets, bookmakers incur significant losses. To fight cunning, bookmakers set low limits on the amount of bets for them, increase the requirements for verification before paying out winnings and can also completely block the account.

How to Become a Bonus Hunter

But for players, bonus hunting is a great way to make a profit. Therefore, they have learned to bypass the restrictions of the bookmakers. To become a bonus hunter, you need to do the following:

  1. Collect the amount for the first deposit. $300 is enough. You can do more, but it all depends on your financial capabilities.
  2. Create a file on your computer where you will keep records.
  3. Scan ID and other documents required by the bookmakers in your area.
  4. Create an email. Small mail services send spam messages even from well-known international offices, so we recommend setting up a mailbox on a large, reliable site. For example, Gmail.com.
  5. Create and verify an electronic wallet. Better to use international systems such as Skrill.
  6. Register on the bookmaker’s website, study the conditions and receive a bonus.
  7. Wager bonus. To do this, it is usually necessary to make a certain number of bets of any kind within a limited period. After that, you can withdraw money from the account or remain a client of the bookmaker’s office as a bettor. The choice is yours.
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Now let’s take a closer look at each point.

Initial capital is required for bonus hunting. You can start with $10, but this will greatly limit the size and amount of the bonus that you will receive. The optimal amount is $300 or more.

You will need a text document to record logins and passwords on different sites, secret questions for account verification, account numbers and other information.

The next step is to scan documents. To become a gambler at a bookmaker’s office without breaking the law, you must reach a certain age. Scanned documents are sent to the bookmaker for verification (it lasts from several hours to several days) using a special form on the website. Most often, this must be done before withdrawing money, other conditions are stipulated in the user agreement. At the same time, you can receive only one welcome bonus for one ID.

During the registration process, it is important to indicate a real email and phone number. During verification, the bookmaker’s office employees can write or call you. It is better to start an electronic wallet in Skrill. Most companies work with this system, and some offer additional bonuses when replenishing an account with its help.

After registering and receiving the welcome bonus, you must carefully study the conditions for wagering. Each office offers its own. The main thing is to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times at the given odds. You are not limited to strategies. We recommend that you choose a suitable one in advance and place bets only on the sport in which you are good.

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Types of bonuses

Each betting company develops its gaming and welcome bonuses. They can be divided into several categories:

  • Cash bonus. When the account is replenished, the amount from the bookmaker is added to the amount deposited by the player. Some bookmakers offer a 100% cash bonus. This means that when you deposit $100, you have $200 in your account.
  • Free bet. The player is given the right to place a bet for a certain amount. If he wins, the amount of the net winnings is credited to the account.
  • Money back. If the player’s bet loses, its amount is returned to the account.

By deposit

  • Bonus accrued on the first deposit. At the first deposit of the account, the player receives the deposited amount plus the agreed bonus.
  • A re-deposit bonus is a similar offer for regular customers who repeatedly replenish their gaming account.

Wagering requirements

  • Instant bonuses that do not require extra wagering.
  • Postponed bonuses. To withdraw, you must fulfill the conditions of the bookmaker. For example, put the amount from 3 to 5 times on the bets with the minimum odds.

It should be remembered that in each bookmaker’s office you can register only once, further attempts will lead to the blocking of the account and the impossibility of withdrawing money from the account. We strongly recommend that you follow the rules of the companies.