7 Stages of Relationship Development That Will Lead You to True Love

Stages of Relationship Development

The harmonious development of the couple should go through different stages of building relationships. It is impossible to constantly be happy with sweets and bouquets, long walks under the moonlight, and meetings several times a week. Of course, this is a convenient format, but it is impossible to build a long and lasting relationship on it.

Attachment is formed at the stage of falling in love. Gradually, passions are replaced by conjugal duty, children appear, and everything becomes ordinary and gray. From the side, it may seem that the couple is stuck at one stage of development and nothing happens further. The transformation of a couple’s relationship proceeds according to its own scenario, with its own speed and characteristics, even though the development stages are the same for all.

1. Falling in love

All relationships arise in the same way (even if you want to find love on the Internet and are looking for over 50 dating online and offline tips). There is an attraction for each other, feelings hit over the edge, partners can’t stop enjoying each other. They go for a walk together, to the cinema and theaters, parks and cafes. This stage is called the honeymoon period when the lovers can’t live without each other, they give gifts to their soulmates, and so on. Only bright colors appear in their world. They don’t notice anything negative in their partners, they like positive and negative traits in them. This is the brightest, most colorful period, but at the same time, the shortest. It lasts from a year to a year and a half. After a year and a half, the partners take off their “pink glasses,” and they begin to live a real life.

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2. Saturation

The next stage is characterized by a “gradual cooling” of the relationship. This is the emergence of independence and the ability to think critically in relation to a partner. Most often, at this stage, people remember past habits and hobbies, realize the existence of a life separate from their loved one. Such a recession can lead to complete separation since there is no longer any passion, as well as the desire to revive love.

3. Rejection

“No flaws? Are you kidding me? My partner has just a storehouse of flaws! All these things, of course, cute, but we need to move on, and he/she doesn’t understand simple things in a serious relationship. We have different goals in life!” Do you recognize yourself in these words?

4. Patience

During this period, a man and a woman begin to acquire wisdom. Thanks to the ability to compromise, tolerance and mutual understanding, they easily manage to avoid quarrels. This is what the stage of patience is.

5. Service

The 5th stage in the development of love relationships is to satisfy the interests of both partners and the ability to negotiate and compromise in disputes. At this point, you learn to trust your partner. After all, what could be better than telling a loved one about your interests and secrets? At such moments, feelings in the family are reborn again, and warmth and harmony reappear in a couple.

6. Mutual respect

Here, one should perceive the partner not only as a kindred spirit or object of love but also as an interesting person. At this stage, people learn to trust and respect, value and understand each other. The higher the degree of trust between partners, the more likely a painless transition to the final stage of the relationship.

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7. Love

This is the stage when you stroke his/her shoulder and say gently: “I love you,” and your partner silently and lovingly smiles at you and says the same words.