Defending Against a Violent Attacker: How to Use Self Defense Knives

self defense knives

Theft is the most common property crime in the United States, while aggravated assault is the most common violent crime.

Often, these crimes come together when an assailant attempts to attack you in public with the objective of stealing your private possessions.

The fear of being attacked, whether in public or within your own home, can be terrifying for many people. Many people feel helpless against such a possible situation.

While it is legal to carry a firearm in various US states, many people do not feel comfortable carrying or using a firearm.

Instead, self-defense knives are an excellent means of protecting oneself against a potential attack. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at how to use a self-defense knife and defend yourself against a violent attacker.

How to Hold a Self-Defense Knife

There are a number of different grips that can be used when you find yourself in a self-defense situation. Depending on the size of the knife and the specific situation, you may find that different grips and maneuvers work best.

One common knife grip is known as the Filipino grip. This is a forward knife grip, which allows for a wide range of movement. This grip works best for smaller knives.

Simply hold the handle as though you were shaking a person’s hand and rest your thumb on the spine of the knife. If you are inexperienced with knives for self-defense, the Filipino grip is a great place to start, given the range of options it presents you in an attack situation.

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How to Use a Knife for Self-Defense

It is a good idea to practice some effective motions in order to understand how to use your knife in an attack situation. However, it is worth saying that you may have to react quickly, without having proper time to think about your exact moves.

There are two main motions that you can use when handling a knife in a self-defense situation. These are slashing and stabbing. Generally, slashing is the preferred option; it will likely be enough to stop the attacker but not cause any serious injuries, unlike stabbing.

Where to Aim a Knife

In a self-defense situation, you will be trying to stop the attacker, not cause them serious physical harm. The best places to aim your knife in such a situation are towards their upper arms, lower arms, and the thigh area.

Attacking these areas can sever muscles, quickly disarming the assailant, without causing serious, life-threatening injures.

If you wish to find an effective and practical self-defense weapon, this mini otf knife may be perfect for you. It is one of the best knives for self-defense.

Protect Yourself With Self-Defense Knives

No one wants to end up in a situation where they are forced to defend themselves. However, in such an event, it is essential to be fully prepared. Having concealed knives for self-defense can protect you against would-be attackers and disarm them, allowing you to escape.

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