What Does LMAO Mean? [ Abbreviation for Abbreviation ]

What Doeas LMAO Mean

So somebody (most probably any friend of yours) used a term or I may say an abbreviation called LMAO, which you have no idea about and you were wondering what does LMAO mean and why are they used so commonly or frequently these days. It could also be the case that you stumbled upon this abbreviation “LMAO” while scrolling through a web page or your Instagram stories or maybe Facebook, but since you had no idea, you landed here for the solution.

Well, you have landed at the right place I must say and without wasting any further time, let’s get the understanding for this along with many other abbreviations right away. At first, let me tell you that this is not just one abbreviation, which is used by people on social media platforms or in their daily conversations, especially nowadays, but there is an entire list (which I shall be sharing down below in this article, so you can go through each one of them as per your choice) of abbreviations.

So, in the case, if you are curious to know more about different abbreviations that are used online as well as offline, you can also scroll down to grab the same direction. Well, I have listed many examples down below for a better understanding of the same.

In this era where everything is moving to digital platforms to connect with each other or the person which is far away, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. in order to save both energy and time, people have been using certain abbreviations as a part of their day-to-day conversations, for example, LMAO, LOL, OMG, LOLZ, ROFL, :D, HAHA, LSMH, LMHO, LQTM, ROFLMAO, etc.

Well, these abbreviations are no complex things to understand, but it’s more like a shortened form of a bigger word or phrase, which may or may not have alternative meanings depending upon the situation or emotions when someone uses them. Moreover, that’s completely a different topic which will be also covered in the article as you will move down.

In an entirely simple way, I must conclude that an abbreviation is basically a short form created by taking the first letters of the whole phrase.

What does LMAO stand for? Why are Abbreviations used?

So as mentioned, these abbreviations are used in certain situations while you are conversing with one person individually or more people such as in groups. And hence, in order to answer this question in the most straightforward way is by knowing which situation you are in. Here we have a few examples for the same:

While in a funny situation: LMAO is basically an example of popular cyber-slang and one of the abbreviations that are used in the case of some funny moments & conversations, which stands for the phrases such as Laughing My Ass Off or Laughing My Arms Off or Laughing My Ankles Off

While in a serious conversation or tense situation: LMAO in such a situation stands for a phrase such as Leave me alone, okay? Or Let’s Make an Oath or Let’s Make an Offer, etc.

Apart from the abbreviation LMAO, which isn’t apt for formal conversations, there is another abbreviation, which is used when someone finds it a lot more laughable or funny, termed as LMFAO. This popular cyber-slang basically stands for the phrase Laughing My F**king A** off and is a basically stronger version of LMAO and has been created by the mere addition of the word F in it.

Moreover, when it comes to the use of these types of abbreviations, it more than crucial to understand the type of situation you are in order to use and direct the correct abbreviation ensuring the person or persons in front of you understand what you exactly mean. And hence, a little care has to be taken in order not to hurt someone’s feelings or more by the use of your abbreviation.

Here I have an example of the use of this abbreviation in daily conversations, especially between two or more friends:

  • OMG, what a colorful dress, LMAO! (teasing someone on the choice of their outfit)

The Significance of using an Abbreviation:

Apart from the examples of situations, it’s important that understand why in the first place people around the globe have been drawn towards the use of these abbreviations at such a degree. Well, to answer this query, I would like you to get your attention to the time and energy that’s put by you while you are texting or messaging someone on social media platforms such as Instagram or even Whatsapp.

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While using a shortened form of a bigger word such as NYC i.e. NEW YORK CITY or phrase such as LMAO i.e. Laughing My Ass Off or others as mentioned above, takes lesser time and energy to text someone instantly as compared to writing the whole word or phrase by putting extra time, which isn’t required as such, especially in general conversations between people who have little to no time because of their busy work schedules or work shifts.

All in all, it’s an instant process which is something all of us are looking for at this moment to save as much time as possible or to converse with the other person for a long time without wasting much energy on the words which are understood with the help of these abbreviations.

And hence, while people are busy being busy in their work, the use of these shortened forms called abbreviations is a convenient option to at least stay connected, if you understand what I just meant here.

Moreover, the use of these abbreviations isn’t any new thing. They have been used for years in the academic and job titles, daily written as well as verbal communication, alphabet agencies, official matters, cooking, locations, or city or state or country names such as the U.S. is an abbreviation of the United States and J & K is an abbreviation of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from these, we have been using certain abbreviations for ages like N that stands for North, S that stands for South, B.Arch. that stands for Bachelor of Architecture, and many such. So I hope your query regarding the term abbreviations and their exact use has been answered.

Moreover, abbreviation use has become enormously useful as well as famous among individuals across different locations and cultures. Also, it spices up their conversation sometimes. So, here is a list of a few most commonly utilized abbreviations for abbreviations in our daily lives:

List of Abbreviations Used Regularly in Texting, Instant Messaging:

  • AAMOF stands for As a matter of fact
  • BRB stands for Be right back
  • AFAIK stands for As far as I know
  • BFF stands for Best friends forever
  • BFFW stands for Best Friends Forever Work
  • BTT stands for Back to topic
  • BC (B/C) stands for Because
  • AFK stands for Away from keyboard
  • CYA stands for See you (or cover your a**)
  • BTW stands for By the way
  • AYEG stands for Are You Even Goth?
  • BAEB stands for Before Anyone Else Babe
  • DIY stands for Do it yourself
  • EOD stands for End of discussion
  • FWIW stands for For what it’s worth
  • GR8 stands for Great
  • IDK stands for I don’t know
  • ATM stands for At the moment
  • WTF stands for What the f***
  • DL stands for Down low
  • FYEO (4YEO) stands for For your eyes only
  • LOL stands for Laugh out loud & LOLZ stands for more than one laugh.
  • IMO/IMHO stands for In my (honest/humble) opinion
  • JK stands for Just kidding
  • IRL stands for In real life
  • L8R stands for Later
  • ROFL stands for Rolling on the floor laughing
  • LQTM stands for Laughing quietly to myself
  • LSMH stands for Laughing & shaking my head
  • LMHO stands for Laughing my head off
  • HAHA stands for normal laughing
  • NOYB  stands for None of your business
  • OMG stands for Oh my God
  • noob (n00b) stands for Newbie or newcomer
  • dept. stands for Department
  • est. stands for Established
  • E.T.A. stands for Estimated time of arrival
  • SMH stands for Shaking my head
  • NP stands for No problem
  • OT stands for Off topic
  • TY stands for Thank you
  • CUL stands for see you later
  • CWYL stands for chat with you later
  • IIRC stands for if I recall/remember correctly
  • RTM or RTFM stands for Read the (effing) manual
  • ACE stands for a cool experience
  • AD stands for awesome dude
  • ANI stands for age not important
  • IQ stands for ignorance quotient
  • WC stands for wrong conversation
  • TIA stands for Thanks in advance
  • APU stands for As Per Usual
  • AF stands for After Fate or As f***
  • OTOH stands for On the other hand
  • TMI stands for Too much information
  • apt. stands for Apartment
  • approx. stands for Approximately
  • ALAUKG stands for As Long As You Keep Going
  • A.S.A.P. stands for As soon as possible
  • no. stands for Number
  • qt stands for quart
  • lb stands for pound/pounds
  • Mr. stands for Mister
  • appt. stands for Appointment
  • min. stands for minute or minimum
  • misc. stands for Miscellaneous
  • Mrs. stands for Mistress (pronounced Missus)
  • temp. stands for Temperature or Temporary
  • tel. stands for Telephone
  • gal stands for gallon
  • tsp or t stands for Teaspoon/Teaspoons
  • c stands for Cup/Cups
  • pt stands for pint
  • tbs, tbsp or T stands for Tablespoon/Tablespoons
  • vs. stands for Versus
  • vet. stands for Veteran or Veterinarian
  • Dr. stands for Drive
  • Ln. stands for Lane
  • Ave. stands for Avenue
  • Blvd. stands for Boulevard
  • Cyn. stands for Canyon
  • Rd. stands for Road
  • St. stands for Street
  • B.Y.O.B. stands for Bring your own bottle. Well, this one is mostly utilized for parties or at a place where guests have to bring their own bottles of drinks or restaurants that aren’t selling alcohol.
  • c/o stands for Care of. Well, this one is mostly utilized when you are sending an email to some person who is out of their usual address
  • R.S.V.P. stands for Répondez, s’il vous plait. Well, this initiation has come out from the French term which says “please reply.” It’s utilized mostly on invitations to events or parties and is intended to be replied to with a “yes, you will attend,” or “no, you will not.”
  • MD stands for Managing Director
  • CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer
  • VP stands for Vice President
  • CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer
  • SVP stands for Senior Vice President
  • CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer
  • EVP stands for Executive Vice President
  • BA stands for Bachelor of Arts
  • JD stands for Juris Doctor
  • AABE stands for Annual Awards in Business Excellence
  • ABEA stands for American Business Ethics Award
  • AACE stands for Annual Award for Communication Excellence
  • AAME stands for Army Award for Maintenance Excellence
  • AASET stands for Award and Account Setup Expediting Team
  • AAMA stands for American Architectural Manufacturers’ Association
  • ABCC stands for Australian Building and Construction Commission
  • AIMS stands for Apparel Industry Management Services
  • ADBA stands for American Dragon Boat Association
  • American stands for Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
  • DC stands for Doctor of Chiropractic
  • PA stands for Personal Assistant
  • BS stands for Bachelor of Science
  • B.Arch. stands for Bachelor of Architecture
  • M.Arch stands for Masters in Architecture
  • A&E stands for Architectural and Engineering or Architects and Engineering
  • MA stands for Master of Arts
  • M.PHIL or MPHIL stands for Master of Philosophy
  • E stands for East
  • N stands for North
  • SE stands for Southeast
  • SW stands for Southwest
  • W stands for West
  • NE stands for Northeast
  • NW stands for Northwest
  • S stands for South
  • ski11z stands for skills
  • 1337 stands for leet
  • haxxor stands for hacker
  • AAA stands for The Agricultural Adjustment Act.
  • CCC stands for The Civilian Conservation Corps.
  • FHA stands for The Federal Housing Administration
  • CWA stands for The Civil Works Administration.
  • FDIC stands for The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
  • NRA stands for The National Recovery Administration
  • SSA stands for The Social Security Administration
  • AM stands for ante meridiem (before noon), and
  • PM basically stands for post meridiem (after noon)
  • AD stands for Anno Domini, or The Year of Our Lord
  • i.e. stands for id est that means, “that is.”
  • n.b. stands for nota bene that means “note well” or “take notice“.
  • E.g. stands for example or exampli gratia that means, “Example given”.
  • etc or Etc stands for etcetera that means “and other things.”
  • P.S. stands for post script, which basically means “written after.”
  • viz stands for videlicet, which means “namely.”
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In the end, above-mentioned are the various different types of abbreviations which are used very frequently across the globe every other day. Moreover, there are many other which are used and getting developed as the technology is advancing with this rapid speed today.

And hence, with a busy schedule and less time, these abbreviations are quite handy to use and to be specific without getting into many details about the conversation. So make complete use of these popular as well as easy-to-use abbreviations to make the most out of your short conversations with your loved ones, colleagues or even strangers.