How to score high marks in physical education in class 11 ? 

marks in physical education

Physical Education develops students’ skills and confidence to participate in a variety of physical activities that are an important part of their lives both in and out of school (PE). Main question is how to score marks in physical education?

With the support of a high-quality PE curriculum, all students may enjoy and succeed in a variety of physical activities. They learn a variety of skills, such as how to use tactics, techniques, and compositional concepts to succeed. They think about what they are doing, analyze the circumstance, and make decisions while performing. They also assess their own and others’ performance and look for methods to improve. As a result, they have the confidence to participate in a variety of physical activities and understand the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Discovering what they love doing, their academic skills, and how and where they can engage in physical exercise will help them make informed decisions about their physical activity for the rest of their lives. PE is beneficial to students’ personal and social development. Individually, in groups, and in teams, they develop concepts of justice and personal and social responsibility. They take on a variety of tasks and responsibilities, including coaching, officiating, and leadership. Through the diversity of experiences that PE provides, they learn how to be effective in competitive, innovative, and demanding situations.


Syllabus for Physical Education (PE) for class 11 examination – Score marks in physical education

The Class 11 Physical Education Syllabus CBSE includes all of the themes and subtopics that will be taught during the academic year 2021-2022. It contains summaries and chapters that should be read during the learning process, as well as all of the information that a teacher and a student require. The syllabus includes information regarding the practical as well as the theoretical. On the syllabus pdf, you can also find the marking scheme for CBSE Class 11 Physical Education. Students in Class 11 of the CBSE board should have a firm understanding of the Physical Education syllabus in order to do well in their exams and to score marks in physical education. 

Unit I Changing Trends & Career in Physical Education 

  • Meaning & definition of Physical Education 
  • Aims & Objectives of Physical Education 
  • Career Options in Physical Education 
  • Competitions in various sports at national and international level 
  • Khelo-India Program 

Unit II Olympic Value Education 

  • Olympics, Paralympics, and Special Olympics 
  • Olympic Symbols, Ideals, Objectives & Values of Olympism 
  • International Olympic Committee 
  • Indian Olympic Association 

Unit III Physical Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle 

  • Meaning & Importance of Physical Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle 
  • Components of physical fitness and Wellness 
  • Components of Health related fitness 

Unit IV Physical Education & Sports for CWSN (Children with Special Needs- Divyang) 

  • Aims & objectives of Adaptive Physical Education 
  • Organization promoting Adaptive Sports (Special Olympics Bharat; Paralympics; Deaflympics) 
  • Concept of Inclusion, its need and Implementation 
  • Role of various professionals for children with special needs 

(Counsellor, Occupational Therapist, 

Physiotherapist, Physical Education Teacher, Speech 

Therapist & special Educator) 

Unit V Yoga 

  • Meaning & Importance of Yoga 
  • Elements of Yoga 
  • Introduction – Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation & Yogic Kriyas 
  • Yoga for concentration & related Asanas (Sukhasana; Tadasana; Padmasana & Shashankasana, Naukasana, Vrikshasana (Tree pose), Garudasana (Eagle pose) 
  • Relaxation Techniques for improving concentration – Yog-nidra 

Unit VI Physical Activity & Leadership Training 

  • Leadership Qualities & Role of a Leader 
  • Creating leaders through Physical Education 
  • Meaning, objectives & types of Adventure Sports (Rock Climbing, 
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Tracking, River Rafting, Mountaineering, Surfing and Para Gliding) 

  • Safety measures to prevent sports injuries 

Unit VII Test, Measurement & Evaluation 

  • Define Test, Measurement & Evaluation 
  • Importance of Test, Measurement & Evaluation In Sports 
  • Calculation of BMI & Waist – Hip Ratio 
  • Somato Types (Endomorphy, Mesomorphy & Ectomorph) 
  • Measurement of health related fitness 

Unit VIII Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology in Sports 

  • Definition and Importance of Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology 
  • Function of Skeleton System, Classification of Bones & Types of Joints 
  • Properties and Functions of Muscles 
  • Function & Structure of Respiratory System and Circulatory System 
  • Equilibrium – Dynamic & Static and Centre of Gravity and its application in sports 

Unit IX Psychology & Sports 

  • Definition & Importance of Psychology in Phy. Edu. & Sports 
  • Define & Differentiate Between Growth & Development 
  • Developmental Characteristics at Different Stages of Development 
  • Adolescent Problems & Their Management 

Unit X Training and Doping in Sports 

  • Meaning & Concept of Sports Training 
  • Principles of Sports Training 
  • Warming up & limbering down 
  • Skill, Technique & Style 
  • Concept & classification of doping 
  • Prohibited Substances & their side effects 
  • Dealing with alcohol and substance abuse 

Practical Max. Marks 30 

  1. Physical Fitness Test – 6 Marks 
  2. Proficiency in Games and Sports (Skill of any one Game of choice from the given list*)- 7 Marks 
  3. Yogic Practices – 7 Marks 
  4. Record File ** – 5 Marks 
  5. Viva Voce (Health/ Games & Sports/ Yoga) – 5 Marks 

* Athletics, Archery, Badminton, Boxing, Chess, Judo, Shooting, Skating, Swimming, Taekwondo, Tennis, Aerobics, Gymnastics, Rope-Skipping, Yoga, Bocce & Unified Basketball [CWSN (Children with Special Needs – Divyang)] **Record File shall include: 

Practical-1: Labelled diagram of 400 M Track & Field with computations. 

Practical-2: Computation of BMI from family or neighborhood & graphical representation of the data. 

Practical-3: Labelled diagram of field & equipment of any one game of your choice out of the above list. 

Practical-4: List of current National Awardees (Dronacharya Award, Arjuna Award & Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award) 

Practical-5: Pictorial presentation of any five Asanas for improving concentration. 


Benefits of Class 11 CBSE Physical Education sample papers 

  • Sample papers for CBSE class 11 When it comes to creating a study plan and sticking to it, Physical Education has a lot of advantages to score marks in physical education 
  • The eleventh sample Papers for Physical Education provide the most effective means of practising for the final test, allowing students to assess their abilities while studying for the exam. 
  • Students can learn about their weak points by solving example papers, and then concentrate on eliminating those shortcomings while focusing more on their strong aspects in each given chapter. 
  • Students can avoid making stupid blunders on the exam if they pay close attention to the sample papers. 
  • As students begin to practice CBSE Physical Education Class 11 example papers on a regular basis, their confidence will grow. 
  • Students can better manage their time in the final exam by solving 11th physical education sample question papers. 
  • Sample papers will assist you in time management so that you may complete all of the question Papers on time and still have time to revise them before submitting them. 
  • Students will be able to detect their dumb mistakes and gain new viewpoints on writing responses in the final exam using sample papers created by multiple authors. 
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TIPS to prepare for class 11 Physical Education Examination 

  1. Focus: Students should concentrate on the CBSE syllabus. Furthermore, they should only refer to one or two books at a time, as referring to many books can cause pupils to become confused during the preparation process. 
  1. Focus on your flaws: Students should focus on their flaws. To enhance their performance, individuals must compare their current performance to earlier performances, identify their weaknesses, and work on them. 
  1. Time management: After reviewing the entire syllabus, work through the sample papers that are available on the internet or in stores. Students’ self-confidence is boosted when they practice enough sample papers. Apart from that, practising the sample papers teaches pupils the notion of time management. 
  1. Revision by chapter: It is necessary to revise often and to identify the important questions. Students should strive to make their own notes in the form of a summary for each chapter. 
  1. Short and long answer type questions should be written in a professional manner. Before drafting the core answer, an introduction should be offered. The presentation must be prioritized. Highlight essential sentences and try to write clearly with fine handwriting, providing illustrations when necessary, drawing figures (if necessary), using specific and appropriate terms, and staying within the word limit. 
  1. The first fifteen minutes of the exam must be used effectively. Students should endeavor to complete the paper in the correct order. 



We all know how important Physical Education is in the development of a person’s personality. Physical Education aids in successful and efficient health. One of the most important topics in CBSE Class 11 is Physical Education. All CBSE-affiliated students should review the most recent Physical Education syllabus for the latest or current academic year. It will assist students in creating an effective study plan to prepare for their exams. The National Council of Educational Research and Training has also given its approval to the syllabus (NCERT). We have compiled a thorough CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Physical Education to assist pupils with their Physical Education studies. You may now plan and assess what to study with the help of the syllabus, as well as which topics carry more weight in final exams


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. What is the best way for me to study for Class 11 ? 
  1. The following are some study tips for CBSE Class 11: 
  • Make point-by-point notes to help you remember and revise the material. 
  • Make a separate list of formulae and laws that are important. 
  • At the end of each topic, create flowcharts. Put them to the test. 
  • It will not help if you only read the topic’s overview. Candidates should thoroughly research the topics. 

In the Proficiency in Games and Sports section the students have to select how many games and name them.

  1. In the Proficiency in Games and Sports section the students have to select any one of the following games –
  • Football
  • Kabaddi
  • Kho-Kho
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Bocce & Unified Basketball
  • [CWSN (Children With Special Needs –