Weird Places on Google Earth: Unveil Mysteries!

Welcome to our exploration of the weirdest places on Google Earth! There are surreal landscapes and mind-blowing structures that seem so strange that you won’t believe they are real. But they are! You can look at them from the comfort of your home. Let’s dive in and enjoy a virtual journey to the world’s most mind-boggling and bizarre locations with just a few clicks!
Here are some other odd places you can visit on Google Earth:
Place Name Location Description
Sailing Stones USA Rocks that move on the ground by themselves.
Underwater Plane USA A plane under the water that is not a crash site.
Desert Breath Egypt A giant spiral in the desert made by artists.
Spiderwebs in Trees Pakistan Trees that look like they’re covered in spiderwebs.
The Potash Ponds USA Very blue water, like swimming pools, but they are for mining.

Weird Places on Google Earth

1. The Giant Pink Bunny (Italy)

There is a huge pink bunny on a hillside in Italy. It’s very large and soft. Can you believe it? This big bunny is there for people to see and have fun with. You can see it on Google Earth!
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2. The Badlands Guardian (Canada)

In Canada, there is a rock that looks like a person’s face. It is called the Badlands Guardian. From above, you can see its shape. The surprising fact is that no one made it; it all happened on its own. Isn’t nature amazing?

3. Shipwrecked SS Ayrfield with Trees (Australia)

There is a very old ship in Australia. Now, trees grow out of it. This place is in the water and looks like a small forest. You can find it on Google Earth. It’s like nature took over the ship.
Weird Places on Google Earth: Unveil Mysteries!

These Places on Google Earth: How To Find Them

Do you want to see these places for yourself? Here’s how you can find them on Google Earth:
  • First, go to the Google Earth website or open the app.
  • Then, type the name of the place in the search box.
  • Next, click ‘Enter’ or press the search button.
  • Now, you can see the place from up in the sky!
  • You can zoom in or out to look at it more closely.
Tip: Sometimes it’s fun to just explore. Drag the map and look around. You might find your own weird place!

What Makes These Places So Interesting?

Weird places on Google Earth show us how strange our world can be. They let us see things we might never see in person. These places can be beautiful or scary. They can look like other things or they can just make us smile and wonder.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Weird Places On Google Earth: Unveil Mysteries!

Can I Explore Weird Places With Google Earth?

Absolutely! Google Earth provides an interactive platform to explore strange and unusual locations across the globe from the comfort of your home.
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What Are Some Examples Of Weird Locations?

Curious explorers can discover bizarre sights such as sunken planes, mysterious patterns, or even a deserted island shaped like a mysterious figure on Google Earth.

How Accurate Is Google Earth For Weird Places?

Google Earth’s high-resolution imagery and frequent updates offer a reliable view of Earth’s peculiar places, allowing a true-to-life virtual exploration experience.


We hope you liked our trip to weird places on Google Earth. Remember, the world is full of surprises. Some are right under our noses. Others are hidden away. But with Google Earth, they all are just a click away. Happy exploring!