CocoFax: The Ultimate Solution To Fax From Your Computer

Technology Trends of the Future

With the advent of latest technologies and sciences, today’s world has grown and progressed to an extent that old techniques have gone north about. For instance, no one uses big and bulky fax machines for faxing any longer.

There was a time when fax machines were the only means to send and receive faxes all around. Big and huge fax machines covered a large portion of the offices and also needed hardware as well as human resources to operate.

But with the passage of time, and with the advancing technology, fax machines started to become obsolete and people started to look for much easier and botherless ways to transfer their faxes. Hence, the experts devised many new ways that not only perform the faxing job well but also consume much less time and effort.

And in the present day and age, you can fax documents in a variety of different ways. Almost all the devices that we use, including laptops and computers, have become fax-capable now. Computers have taken the place of fax machines.

In computer faxing, you’ve got choices too. You can either use an intermediary ‘online fax service’ or you can go with the ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ with which most of the Windows (7/8/10) come equipped with. Continue reading to have a detailed view of both the ways.

Part 1: CocoFax – The Gilt-edged Fax Service Taking Over the Faxing Arena

Gilt-edged Fax Service

CocoFax is the place where you will get all your questions like ‘how to fax from my computer’ answered. When we come to the topic of the best and the supreme fax service, there is only one that comes up to the level – CocoFax.

You must stick with the fax service that delivers security and quality services and CocoFax is the only one that provides you with all these needs.

You might as well wonder why is there even the need for CocoFax? Why not fax directly from the computer? Well, the platforms, fax and computer, operate quite differently. The earlier works through analog signals while the latter works digitally. Hence, there is a need for an intermediary that translates the work of both the media.

CocoFax is the explanation that a great many people who claim a fax machine are disposing of it. It offers different approaches to send and get faxes from a PC. Outstanding amongst others is the CocoFax web application, which is open to any internet browser of any PC, regardless of whether it is a Windows PC, Mac, or some other.

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All you need is a PC, internet browser and connection, and a CocoFax account. Head over to GoogleFaxFree for more details. CocoFax even gives you a free fax number so you don’t need to pay some dues to get one.

Fax from Computer via CocoFax Online Dashboard

CocoFax takes care of its users’ ease very well and that is why it has incorporated an easy-to-use and user-friendly dashboard that allows sending and receiving faxes in a very effective way. Here are some simple steps to use this dashboard feature.

Step 1: At the outset, you must register yourself on the official CocoFax website (unless you already own a CocoFax account). The process is simple. Head to their site and click on the option of ’30 day free trial’. This way you get to try and know CocoFax well in order to pick a subscription plan at the end of the free month.


Step 2: Along the process, you will also get to choose your fax number. As mentioned previously, CocoFax provides fax numbers totally free of charge to its millions of worldwide client base. On top of that, the free fax numbers are also custom made. Yes, with CocoFax, you choose your fax number yourself.


Unlike many other faxing services that provide complicated fax numbers to users, CocoFax lets YOU decide what fax number you want. This is definitely a plus point as you get a fax number that resembles your firm codes or numbers.

Step 3: When you are through all the above steps, CocoFax will take you to your dashboard. This is the place where you will compose all the faxes to be sent as well as receive the faxes sent to you.

Click on the ‘New Fax’ button, a new window pops up in front of you. Write up all the required info. The fax address of the receiving person will come in the ‘To’ field. Fax address is composed of the fax number and is similar to ‘[email protected]’.


The ‘subject’ area will contain the top note of the fax address. It is not necessary to write something here as it’s an optional area. The text written in the ‘Cover Page’ area will come as the first page of the fax document. Finally, attach your fax document that can be of the format doc, xls, docx, png, and jpg, etc. Yes, you can fax pictures too.

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Step 4: When you are finished writing everything up, you can now send the fax online for free by clicking on the ‘Send’ button. You don’t need to worry about whether your fax was safely delivered or not because CocoFax will inform you about that. You will receive notification in the dashboard as well as the email address you provided while signing up.


Receiving Faxes on Computer: The process of getting faxes is even simpler than sending them. All the faxes delivered to your fax number will be sent directly to your dashboard in case that you have signed in with CocoFax.

All you need to do is simply log in to your CocoFax account through any web browser and there you can access all your received faxes through the dashboard.

Part 2: Fax from Computer via Windows Fax and Scan

If your computer operates on Windows OS, then it is already equipped with a faxing feature named ‘Windows Fax and Scan’. It is a built-in feature that is present in all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows.

Although no extra effort of signing in is required with this feature, it still comes with some drawbacks. First of all, to fax through Windows Fax and Scan, you first need to set up telephone lines in your area. Hence, it is just as uncomfortable as faxing through fax machines.

If you choose Windows Fax and Scan over fax machines, there will not be much difference because the same effort is needed for all the bother of setting the phone lines up.

Moreover, not all computers are equipped with telephone cable ports. So if you want to set up telephone cable for sending fax through Windows Fax and Scan, you will first have to connect your PC with a modem in order to so. Only then you can continue faxing from your computer.

Furthermore, the steps to send and receive faxes are also complicated and difficult to understand.


Now that you’ve learned all the strategies to fax from PC, nothing can stop you to give them a shot. Also, you can now decide which option to opt for. Before trying anything else, you must first check out the wonderful CocoFax. I’m sure that your search will end there.