The Key Phases in Cloud Strategy Roadmap

Cloud Strategy Roadmap

Cloud strategy roadmap has gone mainstream. With 94% of enterprises using the cloud, it’s the right time to make your move for business productivity, lower IT costs, and more profitability. 

The current industry has endless options to help you adopt the cloud. Countless providers, solutions, and consulting firms are ready to guide you with each step of the migration process. 

However, the path to cloud adoption is not the same for all companies. Each business has unique needs, so the process of cloud adoption has to be tailored accordingly. 

Nonetheless, leading cloud consultants have a set migration process for bringing consistent results. We will take a look at the major phases of cloud adoption to give you an idea of how things work. You can also call it the cloud adoption lifecycle or the roadmap of your journey to the cloud.

Cloud Adoption Stages: Cloud Readiness Assessment

According to cloud consultant Alpacked, businesses must fully understand the pros and cons of moving to the cloud. You should go along only when you have a clear idea of your business advantages. 

Once you have done that, take a look at your infrastructure to determine your status. You will also have to evaluate what needs to be moved and what to keep back. 

Our cloud migration experts at Alpacked conduct a cloud readiness assessment for every client. It’s one of the typical phases of cloud adoption journey that include-

  • Assessment of current infrastructure status
  • Gap analysis
  • Recommendations for business growth
  • Checking apps for compatibility
  • Evaluation of environments
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You will get a complete report of the findings of our readiness assessment. 

Phases of Cloud Adoption: Strategy and Roadmap

If we are mentioning the important phases of cloud adoption, strategic planning is most vital among them. You can say 50% of the work is done once you come up with your cloud strategy roadmap. 

Our team does quite a few things during this phase-

Choosing Cloud Platform

Alt- Cloud platforms

Desc- You can choose from leading cloud platforms for your business

We work with you to select the best cloud platform that aligns with your IT infrastructure. Alpacked is a certified AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure architect, and has top expertise in all technologies.

Tasks Prioritization

As the name implies, we determine what to move first and what can wait. Business-critical apps obviously get first preference, while rest is planned according to needs.

Time and Budget Estimation

You will get a fair idea of how long your migration can take and how much the process will cost. This helps you compare solutions and select the most favorable one. 

Define KPIs

We define the key KPIs to keep track of how your migration is doing.

Stages of Cloud Service Adoption: Building Infrastructure


Alt- Cloud computing infrastructure

Desc- A typical cloud computing infrastructure

Building and configuring cloud infrastructure is surely one of the most typical phases of cloud adoption. You need to set up your cloud to align with your IT needs for deriving the best results.

Our pro cloud team will create and configure your cloud infrastructure to run your workload. We will do all the integrations and run tests to make sure everything works fine.

Our cloud experts will set up your environments on all types of cloud, irrespective of whether you are on private, hybrid, or multi-cloud models. 

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A reliable infrastructure is a foundation for providing excellent service to your customers. We ensure you have a flawless environment to manage your apps and data for more efficiency with managed hosting company. 

Cloud Adoption Stages: Migration and Going Live

Alt- Migrating apps to the cloud 

Desc- All now remains is to get your data and apps on the cloud

A reliable infrastructure gives way to the actual process of migration. This stage involves moving the data and apps to the cloud. Everything is done according to the migration strategy, focusing on resources you need to move on priority.

Our team will also optimize processes and workflows to help you reap optimal results. Additionally, we will utilize every opportunity to boost your productivity by taking the help of technologies like automation.  

Once we are done migrating, the times come for testing your apps in actual environments. We will run enough tests before handing you over the platform to rule out any possible bugs. 

Finally, you can go live and start using your cloud for all its benefits.

 Cloud Migration Phases: Support

Alt- Cloud support and maintenance

Desc- The last phase is to help you use the cloud effectively

It’s time for us to move to the background and keep facilitating your business success. In the last stage of cloud adoption, we handover the charge of cloud to you. However, we are always available for support and resolving your queries.

Our team will keep providing technical support and guidance on an ongoing basis. Along with that, we will optimize workloads and do fine-tunings to bring down your monthly costs. 

Additionally, we will do all the maintenance and provide managed services if you want.

Final Thoughts

The road to cloud migration turns smooth when you work with a top cloud migration expert like Alpacked. The company has helped countless clients adopt cloud architecture and improve their productivity and revenues. Contact them today to know how you can benefit from moving to the cloud.