Virtual Phone Numbers: Secrets of Privacy in the Online World

In our time of very dynamic and active development of various information technologies, it is simply impossible to find a person who has not at least visited the vastness of the global network. Literally every day people of different ages use various online services, social networks, applications and other necessary web resources. Among them there are, of course, both paid services and absolutely gratuitous or free offers.

Most of them require mandatory and unavoidable registration. One of the mandatory conditions for registration is to confirm your phone number. Many modern users are aware that it is undesirable to leave your personal phone number on absolutely every web service, so the best option to protect yourself will be to use a temporary phone number or as it is called, a virtual number.

What is a Virtual Number & How Does It Work

A virtual number is a phone number that works over the internet. Depending on the type, it can receive and send SMS messages, receive calls or recognise voicemail. But today we will talk about virtual phone numbers for receiving text messages. 

To use such a virtual number, you only need a device with internet access. It can be a smartphone, laptop, tablet, PC or any other device with an internet browser. 

The principle of operation is based on special software and equipment on the provider’s side: when someone sends an SMS to a virtual number, thanks to special software, the system redirects the text message from the inserted SIM card in the special equipment to your personal account in the application or personal cabinet on the website. 

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Virtual phone numbers can be useful for:

  • Anonymity. This solution can provide you with anonymity when communicating, both in online chat rooms and in real life. For example, you can use them for online dating without revealing your real number.
  • Registering with online services. Many websites and apps require you to prove your identity via SMS verification. A virtual number can be useful if you don’t want to provide your real number.
  • Spam protection. If you expect a lot of messages or calls that may be unwanted, you can use such a phone number to filter spam and protect your main number.
  • Security. They can be used for two-factor authentication (2FA) and restoring access to your online accounts to provide an extra layer of security.
  • Application testing. Application developers can use them to test SMS or call features without the risk of using real numbers.

Features of using Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual numbers have become a popular online solution due to their unique features. They allow users and companies to solve many problems with registrations, bonus hunting, business promotion and much more.

Some of the important features include the following:

  • Geographic freedom. They allow you to have phone numbers with different country and city codes without being physically present in those locations. 
  • Flexibility. They are easy to set up, simple to use and can be used from any device with an internet connection.
  • Low cost. These phone numbers usually have a lower cost than traditional SIM cards, allowing you to significantly reduce your costs.


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Thus, the use of virtual phone numbers in the 21st century provides users with convenient tools to ensure privacy and security online. While remaining an important element of modern digital life, this service requires responsible use in accordance with legislation and ethical standards.