All of Yubo’s Coolest Features Explained

With so many social media platforms available, it can be challenging to figure out which one is the best choice for your needs. Yubo is a live social discovery app that connects users from around the world with one another in real time through its in-app livestream and swipe features. It’s extremely popular with Generation Z because it allows them to chat, hang out, play games, and make new friends based on similar interests. 

The main features of the app are free for all users. The live social discovery app empowers young people to be their authentic selves by eliminating likes and follows. That means they can connect as genuinely as they would in the real world. Over 80 million users use Yubo across more than 140 countries. One must be at least 13 years of age to sign up for the social media platform.

Safety is the foundation of the app, launched in France in 2015, which is why it utilizes real-time video and audio moderation for livestreams. The app constantly introduces new features and technology to boost the platform’s safety framework and make it as safe as possible for all users.

CEO Sacha Lazimi stated, “We are looking forward to identifying new metrics and tracking progress on a year-over-year basis to understand how we can continue to improve our safety framework to ensure we stay true to our commitment to being a leader in online safety.” 

While the majority of social media platforms were created to help users stay connected to family and friends already in their personal social circles, the purpose of the live social discovery app is to help users forge new friendships with other users who share similar interests that they otherwise would never have met. It provides users with variety and is a fun way to make friends with people from different countries and cultures.

How Do You Use Yubo?

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The app is all about live interaction, and Gen Z enjoys the instant satisfaction it provides. Users can instantly interact with each other because the live social discovery app eliminates the need to wait for message replies or new posts. 

The camera and microphone default to the off position in the livestream onboarding feature so users can socialize with others without worrying about revealing their location or appearance. And the app’s livestream application features an interface that explains how to use it. Yubo users get to learn how to interact with other users before going live for the first time. 

After joining a livestream, to participate, users press a raised-hand button to show they want to speak. The live social discovery app prioritizes users in the order they press the raised-hand button. But rest assured, everyone who wishes to participate in the conversation will have the opportunity to speak. 

Let’s talk about tags. Yubo users can add any of the 8 million available tags to their profiles to make it easier for others to pinpoint their interests. Many of the live social discovery app’s tags are focused on pop culture, music, movies, and fashion, and they’re a simple way for people to search for friends with similar interests. Users just have to click on a tag to see a list of other people who listed the same tag in their profile.

There are multiple ways for users to communicate on the app. They can swipe to add someone as a friend and start chatting, and they can also start or join a livestream. A livestream is a great way to break the ice while forming new friendships. It offers options like playing games and live hangouts to reduce the anxiety of socializing. Users can join an in-progress livestream and interact in the comments anytime. They can also request to be a streamer.

The app utilizes a swipe feature, similar to other apps, but that’s where the similarities end. Yubo is for forging friendships; it’s not a dating app. How it works is that once both users swipe yes, they’re able to start exchanging messages via the chat feature. 

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While it’s not connected to Snapchat, Yubo has integrated Snap’s Camera Kit tool so users can use lenses during livestreams. There are approximately 40 lenses available for the live social discovery app’s users worldwide. The lenses are a fun way to personalize livestreams and allow users to show their support for different causes and communities. The live social discovery app also offers 35 genders and 50 pronouns in multiple languages to ensure an inclusive experience for all users.

Money matters to Gen Z. They can appreciate that the app’s main functionality is free. However, they have the ability to purchase in-app features to further enhance their experiences on the live social discovery app. YuBucks is the in-app currency. It can be used to buy Boosts to increase their lifestream visibility. YuBucks can be used to acquire combo pack offerings, Power and Elite Packs, that unlock exclusive features such as seeing who viewed their profile.

Because millions of young people embrace Yubo, it goes to great lengths to ensure their experience on the platform is as safe as possible. That’s why it has tools in place that let users customize their experience. They can hide their location and block anyone they don’t want to see or interact with on the live social discovery app. Users have the ability to mute any word, emoji, or abbreviation, too. 

Lazimi, who created the app with two college friends, stated, “We are proud of our community. Our users are nonjudgmental and focus on having meaningful conversations on topics they care about while enjoying themselves. We work to maintain this through prioritizing safety as well as educating users on digital literacy.”