Prepaway Steps for Passing VMware 2V0-602 Certification Exam

Passing VMware

The VMware vSphere 6.5 Foundations (2V0-602) exam is designed to evaluate the skills and abilities of candidates in deployment and configuration of vSphere storage, compute resources, and networking, in addition to administering and creating vSphere VM (Virtual Machines). To pursue the VMware certification, one must have competence in securing, optimizing, and performing general troubleshooting for different components of implementation. They should be conversant with some technologies and products, such as vSphere technologies and features, inherent in Enterprise Plus, VMware Virtual SAN,vRealize Log Insight for vCenter Server, and Prepaway vSphere Replication.

VMware 2V0-602:Exam Objectives

To begin with, please note that the 2V0-622 exam has retired on August 30, 2019. Due to the changes in the vSphere infrastructure, a new version of the test occurred is 2V0-01.19 (vSphere 6.7). Irrespective of the version, the exam will be covering similar subjects.

There are specific objectives that the candidates must focus on when preparing for this exam. These areas form the basis of the exam topics and exam questions that should be expected during the actual test. These objectives are divided into seven sections, and these include:

  • Installation and Configuration of vCenter Server 6.x &ESXi 6.x Hosts
  • Configuration and Management of vSphere 6.x Networking
  • Configuration and Management of vSphere 6.x Storage
  • Virtual Machines and vApps Deployment and Administration
  • Establishment and Maintenance of Availability & Resource Management Features
  • Basic Troubleshooting of vSphere 6.x Implementation
  • Basic Monitoring of vSphere Implementation

The VMware exam consists of 65 questions with the passing score of 300. The students have 105 minutes for the completion of the test. The types of questions that should be expected include single- and multiple-choice questions. It is essential to mention that this exam is non-proctored.

VMware 2V0-602:Preparation Tips

With this background information about the certification exam, let’s go ahead to see how you can prepare for this VMware test to guarantee your success.

  • Study regularly

You cannot achieve much if you cramp your study to a couple of hours the night prior to your exam, even if you have experience in the exam topics. Your learning should be systematic. Get old and new materials that give details about the topics and utilize them. You should study every day to get you acquainted with the content of the test alongside the study materials. To avoid getting bored, take time off intermittently to relax and do other things. For instance, you can take between five and ten minutes to break after every thirty minutes. This will help refresh your brain. When on break, take your mind off the study and do something entirely different. If you love playing games, you can use that time to tackle a stage you have been trying to cross.

  • Stick to your learning style
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All individuals have different learning styles and your ability to know and stick to yours will help you have productive exam prep. The fact that your colleagues prefer studying at midnights doesn’t mean you should follow suit. Know your study style and the mode in which you learn best. Some candidates do better when they attend training. If this works for you, then, by all means, register for a training course.Prepaway has the great courses that will help you study.

Explore the different learning patterns that work for you. And when studying, try taking notes. Most often, you might not go back to the notes you have taken but the simple process of writing down some information has a way of sticking it in your memory. For every topic you study, take time to summarize the material in your own words. This helps you capture the essence of the subject and also enables to you express it the best way that makes meaning to you. With this, there is a high chance that you will duplicate what you have written in your notepad during the exam.

  • Don’t cram

If you are using brain dumps during your exam preparation, there is the tendency to cram the answers. The survey has shown that this doesn’t work for most people. Cramming information only gets you agitated because all you’ll be waiting for is to download the information you have in your memory and get it over with. Cramming doesn’t add any hands-on value to you because you have not really studied. Always look beyond the results from the test. After passing the exam and earning your certification, you have to display the same knowledge in a workplace environment. Without studying the exam content, it is very unlikely that you will be able to add value in the marketplace.

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VMware 2V0-602:On Exam Day

There are some small steps you can take that will significantly increase your chances of success in the VMware certification exam. Let’s look at a couple of them.

  • Don’t deprive yourself of sleep

There is no way you can be at your optimal best if you don’t have a good night sleep before your exam. If you have really studied, you don’t need to go the extra mile on this time. As a matter of fact, whatever you read the night before is not going to make a major impact on your success. Therefore, use your night time to refresh and get the much-needed sleep before your test.

  • Stay hydrated

When you are dehydrated, there is a tendency to be distracted, which significantly reduces your concentration and your ability to logically think. Staying hydrated prior to your exam is very important. You might want to go to the testing center with a bottle of water just in case.

  • Write down your formulas and important information

This should be the first thing you do as soon as your exam starts. To avoid forgetting anything, write down all important details and formulas before you attempt any question. This will prevent you from going blank when you require using the information.

  • Answer the questions you are familiar with first

Don’t stay with difficult questions. You can always come back to them. Answer those questions that you know first to get them out of the way. This will ensure you make the best of your time. When you are done with the ones you know, return to the difficult questions and try to answer them.


Having a step-by-step preparation process, reliable materials and books, and a good rest will surely lead you to the successful completion of the exam and long-expected certification. Follow all of these useful steps to change your life. You will definitely make it!