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If one of your goals for next year is to start your own business, but you still don’t know which one to start, then the first thing you should do is to find the right one to invest in the most profitable business in 2020. Following, presenting some of the most profitable companies that we consider for 2020. Business card printing is another technique that enhances your visibility in the market. 

Trendy and profitable business ideas for 2020

Look and feel good

A trend that is coming for some years now and that will undoubtedly continue in 2020. Therefore, we consider that the first profitable business for 2020 on our list will be one dedicated to the sale of products or the provision of services that allow people to look and feel good. Here some specific examples:

Hairdressing at home

A business dedicated to providing the home hairdressing service would allow taking advantage of the tendency that exists in people to look and feel good, but also the little time that women now have to go to a hairdresser or a beauty salon. You can also check for more tips on starting up a small business.

In your business dedicated to providing the home hairdressing service, you would offer exemplary services of a hairdresser or a traditional beauty salon, such as haircuts, hairstyles, manicures, pedicures and makeup and perform this at home.

Spa and massages

A message centre would take advantage of the tendency that exists in people to feel good. The tendency that also exists in people to seek moments of relaxation that allow them to relieve stress. They have to go to a traditional massage centre.

To set up such a centre, you would need a small place located on a good public influx, such as a shopping centre, a tourist area or a gallery. You need one or more massage tables or chairs and items such as towels, blankets, massage lotions and oils. You must have qualified staff that are responsible for providing massages.

Yoga workshop

Due to the tendency that exists in people for trying to look and feel good, and for looking for moments of relaxation that allow them to relieve stress – many people do yoga for relaxation.

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To set up a yoga workshop, you would need a place where it can achieve. It could be located in your own home in case you have the right location, place and conditions. You need equipment, such as yoga mats and balls and one or more yoga teacher who is responsible for providing classes.

Sale of healthy food

A tendency related to desire in people to look and feel good is common from some time now and is expected to get stronger with every passing year. The preferences in people for healthy food, which does not necessarily imply dietary or vegetarian food. It could simply involve low-fat food and condiments.

Therefore, we consider that the next profitable business for 2020 will be dedicated to the sale of healthy food.

Delivery of healthy food 

A delivery business of healthy food where they offer delicious homemade food. For example, vegetables, cornflakes or beans. You would take advantage of the tendency that exists in people to order healthy foods, but also the shortage of time for people that they cannot cook or go out to the restaurants.

Sale of dietary desserts

Strawberry dessert

Another business that would take advantage of the tendency that exists in people to eat healthily. There is no major competition. You must be dedicated to the sale of dietary desserts such as cakes, pies, feet and cupcakes. It should be made with natural ingredients without sugar and refined flour. Devise a business, product or service that is responsible for addressing their needs, satisfaction and tastes and then solving the problems you have detected. Here, you can learn more about profitable business ideas for 2020.

Here are some specific examples: 

Online Store

A business dedicated to the sale of technological products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables virtual reality glasses and helmets. To create a business dedicated to the sale of technological products on e-commerce sites, you will need one or more suppliers of technological products.

Register at one of the e-commerce sites that exist on the Internet and post on these sites some attractive images of the products you are going to sell.

Open market stall 

Business ideas

Even if you put more and more products, people buy almost everything on the Internet. They still know how to appreciate good shopping pleasure. Regional markets offer everything your heart desires, from fresh fruit and vegetables to flowers and other plants to textiles and leather goods. The stand of colourful mixture ensures that a market is a place where there is always something to see and buy. Who are the people who offer their goods here and consequently earn their money? If you have ever thought about starting your own business with your market stall, you should read this. It provides you with a piece of valuable information.

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Write eBooks

A modern expressive business idea. Do you dream of being able to work flexibly? Do you love to work freely, allocating your time and earning so much money? Maybe you are one of the people who can build up an online business for the eBook product and become successful with it.

Establish a cleaning service 

Do you love it when everything is clean and neat? If you like cleanliness and can stand for it, then you are made for the business idea of ​​cleaning up. Yes, you read that right. You can turn your passion to get the order and provide cleanliness and ultimately earn money with it. Open an online site of your company and start providing services. You can earn a lot with it. People are crazy for cleanliness these days and pay so much for it. Start marketing of your business to get more and more costumers.


In this context, we have seen the businesses that we consider to be the most profitable in 2020. However, the truth is that they are not the only profitable businesses that exist; there are too many other.

To find others, it is only a matter of analysing the market a little. For example, you try to detect new needs in people, changes in their tastes or problems to solve in your locality. You can also find a profitable business by analysing businesses with their best performance. The products with the highest demand or the most requested services in your city could be the most profitable business. You see so much profitable business ideas above including food, e-commerce and technology. These are the best success and the most profitable business for 2020.

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