Understanding The Nature Of Solid State Drives (SSD)


Use Of SSD or a Solid State Drive is a device that uses a circuit assembly to store data on a laptop using flash memory. This means it acts as secondary storage that conveys excellent performance with durability. Unlike a hard disk drive or HDD, you won’t have to modify your laptop parts when make a use of SSD

A Solid State Drive performs with efficiency and uses less energy. This way, your laptop doesn’t need to exert much effort. A new technology which is Albeit Solid State Drive, has been going strong and becoming popular in the market today. So if you want to know more about Solid State Drives, this guide would be able to help you. 

Why It’s Better to Have SSD Than HDD

If you’re fond of laptops, you should know that most of them contain HDD or hard drives. But with the rapid growth of technology today, high-end laptops and other mechanics have begun making way for Solid State Drives. The good thing about using an Solid State Drive for laptop is that it requires less power. In addition to that, Solid State Drive’s are also shock-resistant and non-mechanical in nature. 

If you dropped your laptop containing Solid State Drive by chance, you don’t really have to worry about losing your data as the chances that it’ll be affected are too low. Aside from that, like any other HDD, SSD also has internal and external uses. So, to make everything clear to you, here are some primary factors why an SSD is better than using an HDD. 

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The Battery Life

As mentioned earlier, use Of SSD or Solid State Drive uses little energy. Hence, it’ll be convenient for you as your laptop wouldn’t drain its battery too fast. If you compare an HDD to an SSD, well, the only distinct difference is that an Solid State Drive doesn’t have moving parts. Research says that a laptop with SSD lasts around seven hours on a single battery test. 

It has two hours more to its battery lifespan comparing a laptop with an HDD as a hard-drive powered laptop only lasts around 5 hours on its battery test. You can safely conclude that Solid State Drive is more superior when it comes to battery life. 

The Durability of an SSD

Solid State Drives are non-mechanical and shockproof, as mentioned earlier. So it’s pretty much durable than a mechanical hard-drive. There are higher chances that a laptop with an Solid State Drive will survive a fall. Well, the reason why it’s durable is that an Solid State Drive doesn’t have platters and needles compared to a hard drive. 

That’ll be a relief on your end as you won’t have to worry much if you’ll lose your data if you accidentally mishandled your laptop

The Speed of an SSD

If you compare and SSD with HDD, Solid State Drives are 30% much faster than hard disk drives. It’s pretty much suitable for people who love to play games on their laptops. It would help load and run their games faster compared to having an HDD. Well, the reason is that Solid State Drives shuffle a vast amount of data efficiently. 

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With this, you’ll experience less amount of lag while playing games on your laptop. One advantage also of using an SSD is that it loads game data in a matter of seconds. A gamer would really want to get a hold of that advantage. 


There are still more you should know when it comes to understanding what is the use Of SSD or Solid State Drive. But with the list above, you can safely say that using an SSD would really benefit you. So, if you’re still using an HDD, you might want to think or consider if you would still want an HDD rather than having an SSD.