Types of Addiction Recovery Methods

Types of Addiction Recovery Methods

Sometimes, it takes a while for a person to realize they have an addiction. When they finally come to the realization, there are often two basic trains of thought.

The first is that it’s not that big of a deal and they can kick the addiction on their own. The second is that there is no way they can kick it, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

The good news is that no matter which train of thought you might be going through, there is hope – if you’re willing to speak up. A talk with your doctor can help you determine the best action you can take. Choose local doctors to help you with your issue. If you are a Canadian local, you can find rehab in Ontario to be quite promising since they provide splendid comfort and help. 

The following are the basic types of recovery methods. More often than not, utilizing more than one of these methods provides higher chances of recovery.


Depending on the addiction you live with, medication can sometimes be used to minimize the effects of withdrawal. This can help you manage recovery without too many side effects. Medication is often the most helpful for people suffering from nicotine, alcohol, or opioid addictions.


Therapy can be useful for any type of addiction, as it can help dig to the root of what led you there. For example, unaddressed trauma from childhood can often lead to depression, anxiety, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. By digging into that trauma, you not only have the chance to heal emotionally but also to learn healthier ways to cope.

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Support Groups

Most cities have various support groups for everything from grief to recovery, and for good reason. Such support groups bring people together that can freely and openly discuss their thoughts, emotions, and struggles with others who have been there.

This non-judgmental atmosphere allows you to let go of shame and know that there are people who truly know how you feel. While some people need additional help, many people find support groups to play an essential role in their journey to recovery and healing.

Residential Facilities

At times, addiction requires more significant intervention. When this is the case, residential facilities like the one at Impact Recovery (https://impactrecoverycenter.net/) are a wise idea. Those suffering from addiction stay at the facility for a set period of time – usually a few months to a year.

During this time, various treatment methods are used. These include the medications, therapy, and group sessions mentioned above. Other methods often used include things like exercise programs, art therapy, cooking, life skills, and more.

One major benefit of such facilities is that they allow the residents to get away from their normal lives for a bit. When they are away from the stress, bad influences, triggers, and other factors of their addiction, they can focus more on recovery.

When they leave the facility, they are typically stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally, which can be very helpful when they go back to their regular jobs and life. Though it doesn’t necessarily make temptation disappear, having a stronger resolve can certainly help avoid that temptation. 

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